Kernersville Medical Center Shootout: Greensboro Day vs. Hopwell Varsity Boys

Played at Northwest Guilford High school for the Kernersville Medical Center Shootout

Greensboro Day School (16-0) vs. Hopwell (3-9) Varsity Boys

                           1st  2nd  3rd  4th   Final
   Greensboro Day School   26   22   31   14  - 93
   Hopewell                13    7   12   14  - 46

Greensboro Day School
Bryan Rouse 6
Montrel Goldston 4
Darius Moore 5
Will Dillard 2
Ben Magod 3
Will Gardner 5
Reed Lucas 19
Christian Hairston 12
Marquelle mMcIntyre 2
Reggie Dillard 15
Jonathan Terry 8
James Milner 1
Trevor Mayo 3
Jered Henderson 5
Trey Weston 3

T. Middleton 13
C. Bryce 11
K. Blackton 2
M. Sandy 4
J. Ellis 2
E. Williams 10
B. Holst 4

Submitted by Katie Watson

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  1. For crying out loud, CMS and the taxpayers should get a refund for the expenses that they paid for this trip!!! The main beneficiaries of this lopsided matchup were the Bengal subs, the officials who got a little more exercise than if they sat in front of the TV, NWG for the few pain admissions, and the Kernersville Medical Center for the tax write-offs they will receive for subsidizing the tournament. See you at the GDS TIMCO Christmas Tournament next week. Merry Christmas one and all.

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