Dudley Panthers boys team headed to Raleigh for the HSOT Holiday Invitational and GreensboroSports.com gets a little love at WRALSportsFan

The Dudley High School Panthers boy’s basketball team is headed to Raleigh for the High School OT Holiday Invitational this week and GreensboroSports.com got a little pop over at the WralSportsFan.com site where they were talking about the Panthers and their new head coach Brian Seagraves…

During his introductory press conference at Dudley, Seagraves told GreensboroSports.com, “Since I got into coaching, this has been the one stop along the way I have wanted to make as the head coach.”

Seagraves also shared his respect for the former coach.

“Coach Price made it happen by working hard and respecting the kids and helping the kids,” he told the website. “Coach Price made all of this happen and made sure it kept on rolling, and he was good at delegating responsibility.”

Read more about Dudley and Sam Hunt being a real key, when you CLICK HERE…..(WRALSportsFan)

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  1. Good luck to the panthers as they head to this tourament. Sam hunt and khalil vance and devan gregory are the keys to there sucess as coach seagraves said in the press conference after the win against smith. Sam needs to be sam and Khalil needs to be dominate in the paint. Im surprised as the way khalil has been playng alll year this kid sat the bench last year and now is starting and averaging a double double this is the perfect example of hard work good luck panthers!

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