High School High Scorers over the past several games/days

We will go back to last week and catch up with all of the tournament games with the boys starting points at 18 and the girls at 15…..Here’s what we have so far, and there’s probably a few more out there that we missed, but just send those our way….

Boys high scorers:
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 54 points
Kanayo Obi-Rappu Jr.(New Garden Friends School) 40 points
Terrell Leach(SWG) 34 points
Reggie Dillard(Greensboro Day School) 32 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 31 points
Sam Hunt(Dudley) 26 points
Mohammed Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 26 points
Carmoni Marks(Western Guilford) 26 points
Ty Graves(Page) 25 points
Quinton Milner(WG) 24 points
Ty Graves(Page) 24 points
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford) 24 points
Nick Powell(NWG) 23 points
JT Terry(GDS) 22 points
KaleeL Walton(WG) 22 points
Michael Kobani(High Point Christian) 22 points
Mohammed Tijani(NEG) 22 points
Austin Lewis(WG) 22 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 22 points
Colson Everett(Northwest Guilford) 21 points
Christian Hairston(GDS) 21 points
Houston Miller(VCS) 21 points
Reggie Dillard(GDS) 20 points
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford) 20 points
Chris Eatmon(High Point Andrews) 20 points
James Stepp(Ragsdale) 20 points
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 19 points
Joseph Bryant(Ragsdale) 19 points
Diandre Overton(SEG) 19 points
JT Williams(Smith) 18 points
Houston Miller(Vandalia Christian) 18 points
Juwan Foggie(High Point Central) 18 points
Josh Crutchfield(SEG) 18 points

Girls high scorers:
Karima Dean(Western Guilford) 22 points
Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale) 22 points
Faith Pegues(Grimsley) 22 points
Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford) 21 points
Callie Patterson(Eastern Guilford) 20 points
Aja Mott(Southwest Guilford) 20 points
Tamera Thorpe(GDS) 20 points
Hayley Chandler(Southern Guilford) 20 points
Caroline Spurr(GDS) 20 points
Letricia Smith(Western Guilford) 19 points
Dinah Neal(NEG) 19 points
Moriah Davis(Dudley) 19 points
Briana Burgins(SWG) 19 points
Kennedy Porter(SWG) 18 points
Letricia Smith(Western Guilford) 17 points
Kayla Upshaw(SEG) 17 points
Ronata Rogers(GDS) 17 points
Ivana Davis(WG) 17 points
Nyla Allen(Smith) 16 points
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 16 points
Breanna Garris(Smith) 16 points
Nyla Allen(Smith) 16 points
Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford) 16 points
Kayla Johnson(Page) 15 points
Anna Peterson(Grimsley) 15 points
Amanda Coffer(Northern Guilford) 15 points
October Campbell(High Point Andrews) 15 points
Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale) 15 points

*****Ronata Rogers(GDS) 19 rebounds*****


  1. I feel certain it was an oversite that you omitted Kanayo obi-Rapu and his 40+ point games.


  2. How about sending me those Obi-Rapu games for my records….

    Also anybody got any scoring news on Callie Patterson and Eastern Guilford girls….I know that they should be in here somewhere…

  3. Andy, I just looked online and Callie did have 20 in the championship game with River Mill

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