N.C. State Wolfpack wins 89-68 over Spartans(State led UNCG 43-36 at the half):No Trevis Simpson today for Spartans

N.C. State 89

C.J. Leslie with 21 points for N.C. State, while Scott Wood and Lorenzo Brown had 15 a-piece and Ricard Howell added 11 points and 13 rebounds for the Pack…Kayel Locke led the UNCG Spartans with 25 points…..N.C. State(10-2)/UNCG(2-9)

Now N.C. STATE 65, UNCG 50….Mid-way through second half….
Second half:N.C. State 57, UNCG 42….Men’s College Basketball

N.C. State led the UNCG Spartans in men’s basketball 43-36, Pack up by just 7 points at the half and UNCG is going today without their leading scorer Trevis Simpson(20.0 pts. per game)….Simpson hurt his foot during warmups in Raleigh, at the PNC Center, and won’t play for the Spartans today….Derrell Armstrong has been playing well off of the bench for UNCG(Armstrong made the start for Simpson today), but N.C. State has begun to pull away and now the Pack leads in tnis game, 57-42 over UNCG…..