Radio men saying David Amerson(Dudley HS/N.C. State) looks to be GONE to the NFL

The radio broadcasters on the N.C. Wolfpack football network were saying today that they thought David Amerson would leave N.C. State after this season and move on to the National Football League….

State broadcaster Tony Haynes said he could tell by the tone in Amerson’s voice during his post-game comments, that David is done in Raleigh….Amerson said he would have to make a decision soon, and by that he meant real soon….There is a January 15 deadline coming for these college players declaring early for the NFL….

Again, Tony Haynes from the Wolfpack radio broadcast team said he heard Amerson say he would have to make a decision soon and Tony takes that to be, “David Amerson to the NFL”…..

Rickey Dowdy from High Point Central will be back with the Pack next season and he(Dowdy), is one of the most improved players in the league)ACC)…….


  1. I didn’t see a thing…I only follow games by way of radio….

    For Dowdy it all depends on how things go with the new coaching staff….

    The radio guys said Rickey Dowdy(High Poin Central) has one year left at N.C. State and it does all depend on how it goes with him and the new staff…

    With one of college remaining, I think Dowdy has a great chance to make the NFL….

    Going by what Gary Hahn, Johnny Evans and Tony Haynes were saying and what I was seeing when Dowdy was at High Point Central….That kid has come a long way….

    Go Ricky Dowdy and go N.C. State…..

  2. ’77,

    I’m sure he can always go back and complete his degree if he so chooses. You could too…….lol

  3. Sorry, I thought we were talking about David Amerson, and I was hoping he would stay at State. Besides that, I already have a real job.

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