Just in case you haven’t heard:Austin Lewis(Western Guilford) is becoming ‘just incredible’

‘Do-all’ player doing it all for Western Guilford soccer and basketball….

His name is Austin Lewis and there’s not much that this kid can’t do for the Western Guilford soccer and basketball teams….

Lewis, who plays goalie in soccer and by watching him last year, he plays guard on the basketball court for Western Guilford and his hard work has led him to a spot on the Boys News and Record All Area Team and Austin ‘Just Incredible’ Lewis just put up 22 points in a hoops game for Western Guilford last week at the Sheetz Holiday Tournament at Southwest Guilford and posted 23 points in a game the week before that….Austin is taking his games to the limits(‘Austin City Limits if you will)…..

Lewis comes from a strong family and his parents Mitch and Wendy Lewis are really proud of him and you can’t blame them for that, this kid has worked hard to find his way and to develop his leadership role on the soccer field and on the basketball court…

Many of Austin Lewis’ learning traits come natural for him….His mom is an educator in the Guilford County Schools and she tescnes at Archer Elementary…

Austin Lewis is a senior at Western Guilford and the Lewis family is looking at the next level….

Maybe Austin will take his talents up the street from Western Guilford to the Guilford College Quakers and hit the soccer field and the basketball court for the men of New Garden Road at West Friendly Avenue…Either way, it is time to get the college talk out and to add Austin Lewis name to mix of our local kids that are looking to make it at the next level….

Lewis has just begun to reach his stride and this kid could use a ride and his reach will be far and wide, even if he decides to stay inside, the state of North Carolina…

As Huey(Lewis) once said, we need to spread the news about this Lewis kid and what he did and what he is about to do, as his Western Guilford career progresses….

Forward progress for Austin Lewis at Western Guilford and as for college, as the old soccer referee Woody Gibson(High Point University) used to say, “PLAY ON”…..

Not sure if Austin Lewis is any relation to ‘Granny Lewis’ who used to run the Western Guilford High School cafeteria, but that Lewis name carries some clout in the ‘circles of success’ at the school on the West side of town and Austin Lewis is carrying on that tradition and let’s all hope we see him keep it up in college and beyond….

We need to see Austin Lewis playing for the Carolina Dynamo(professional soccer) and why not???

Shoot for the stars and a Star has been born on Friendway Drive, keeping the ‘American Dream’ alive, Austin Lewis….And if this kid knew ‘Granny Lewis’ or Carl Chambers, he might be the man to come back and lead the school one day as the principal of Western Guilford High School….

Why not, Austin Lewis’ time is now and he is due the future that lies before him….

*****Take it from me, one day we just might see this Lewis kid from WG, at the top of the leaderboard for the Guilford County Schools….*****

You may or may not have heard it here first, but remember the game and remember his name, that’s Lewis, AUSTIN LEWIS……


  1. Agree with all said about Austin, my son and Austin played played on the same basketball team at the Y. They were unstoppable. During one game I was the coach, the opposing coach asked me to take it easy on his team, I did, I asked the boys to only shoot 3 point shots, kinda of a mistake on my part we were very accurate. Anyway Austin is a great kid and will have a great future.

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