Remember When? Tracking all of the Greensboro Championships

Doing some studies the other day and mentally began compiling all of the Greensboro Championships from over/through the years and let’s start building that list….

Greensboro Hornets:South Atlantic League Champions 1982
Greensboro Hornets:South Atlantic League Champions 1983
Greensboro Grasshoppers:South Atlantic League Champions 2011

Greensboro Monarchs:East Coast Hockey League(ECHL) Champions 1990….They won the Riley Cup in their inaugural season, beating the Winston-Salem Thunderbirds four games to one. Goalie Wade Flaherty was named the playoff’s MVP.

Greensboro Dynamo:USISL(United States International Soccer League) or close to that, help us out here Eddie Radwanski….1994…Positive about the year was there for this at UNCG…

American Postal Worker’s Union(APWU)…Palomino Baseball World Series Champions 1994….Alan Ashkinazy’s Greensboro baseball team won it all on Sunday and Eddie Radwanski’s soccer team, coached by Michael Parker, came right back and won it all on the next day, on Monday….(Talk about back-to-back Titles.)

Greensboro Colt Baseball:Colt Baseball World Series Champs in 1965….

Guilford College Quakers:1973 NAIA College National Basketball Champions…..Team coached by now-deceased Jack Jensen and led to the Title by Lloyd(World B.) Free, M.L. Carr, Greg Jackson, Robert Kent, Johnny Ralls and others…

*****No available information on Greensboro Generals Hockey from the old EHL(Eastern Hockey League) or the SHL(Southern Hockey League) by way of Wikipedia…Anybody got that old Greensboro Generals info….*****

We are looking very closely at the Greensboro Redskins and their Title in the old NC/VA Semipro Football League and they played their home games at Western Guilford High School and their Title should have come back around 1973….

High School Titles and there have been quite a few and without going back and looking them all back up, here we go with a few of them and feel free to add and adjust/correct years….

Greensboro Page Pirates:NCHSAA Football Titles in 2011, 1983-1985 and say, 1980….Sound about right??? Page with three NCHSAA basketball Titles under Coach Mac Morris, with the most recent coming in 1990 and there were also Titles in 1983 and say 1985…One of those teams had the grouping of all-time greats in Danny Manning, Haywood Jeffries, John Newman, Tripp Welborne, Michael Foster and maybe one more well-known starting five member….

Greensboro Dudley Panthers: with NCHSAA Football Titles in 2004 and 2005 and NCHSAA Basketball Titles in 1996, 2005 and 2006….Dudley girls Basketball State Champs in 2009…Years may be a bit off, but without looking them up, it is what it is and we have most of the recent Titles…

Greensboro Grimsley titles…We’ll need a historian to bring these back up from the old days….Maybe some recent soccer, but in basketball, baseball and football, it has been a while….

Greensboro Smith Titles….Probably looking at a couple of Track and Field runs, but not sure about the main three with football, basketball and baseball…Smith was there in football(With the Bostics), in Basketball(Led by Coach Reggie Peace) and maybe even in baseball(With Jim Chambelin bunch)….

Northern Guilford Football: NCHSAA 3-AA Champions in 2010, 2011 and 2012….Led by a host of players…Too many to mention here….Scarfone, Downing and Logan, just to throw a few out there….

Northwest Guilford High School:NCHSAA State Champions in Basketball back in say 1964 and in baseball in 1998…Led by Roger Nelson in ’64 and Sandy Gann in ’98….

Ragsdale High School Football:In Jamestown, but still close to Greensboro proper, with NCHSAA Titles in 1973 and 1974….Ricky Adams teams with Harold Odom, John Turner, Mitch Johnson, Barry Sikes and others right there….

Western Guilford Football and Baseball:NCHSAA Title for football back in 1977 led by Glenn Morris, Aaron Stewart, Rufus Webster and others(Doug Henderson was the coach)….Baseball Titles came in say ’84 and ’85 and team led Coach Brett Stell, with Scott Muscat, Jerry Russell, Jimmy Duncan, Tony Chavis, Beau Mann and others right in there…

Southwest Guilford Cowboys in Baseball and Girls Basketball:Cowgirls won most recently in hoops in 2011 led by Zena Lovette, Jessica Pone, Shannon Buchanan and others and they also won the girls Title back in the 1980’s….SWG Cowboys NCHSAA Baseball Title came back around 1994 or 1995….

*****We could kick it into High Point, but that might be stretching it too far, but hey if you want to bring High Point on in here, bring it on….Southwest Guilford is now in High Point, right???*****

Are we leaving some teams out??? Maybe some of the old school Titles have been left behind…The Southeast Guilford Falcons won a NCHSAA State Baseball Title back around 1969 and they were led by Coach Bill Slayton…..

Kicking memory back in here before I break out….The Northeast Guilford Rams won back-to-back NCHSAA Baseball Titles back in 1965-1966…..Are we right there, or do we need to go earlier???

+++++Do we have some more Titles/Championships that we need to be listing??? Bring them on in here and let’s get a few of our dates straight…..+++++


Others carry on…………

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  1. Andy,
    You can go to to get all track and cross country state championships.
    In cross country Grimsley has won several and also some track titles.Western Guilford girls have won a track title.Smith has won in track in the past 10 years.Dudley has won in girls track about 25 years ago.
    Other sports I am aware of:
    Swimming-several for Grimsley
    Baseball-Grimsley 1971
    Tennis-Boys Grimsley 1971
    Several Page girls Tennis Championships(not sure when).
    Wrestling–Page 1970 and 1971

    The NE baseball titles were in 1964 and 1965.
    I hope this helps.

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