Big high school basketball games coming up this week

We are still building this list and here are two of the key games that come to mind already and the list will keep on growing as we get deeper into the week….

Wesleyan at High Point Christian boys on Tuesday…
Dudley at Southeast Guilford girls on Tuesday…
Smith at Page boys and girls starting to look bigger and bigger…
Page at Southern Alamance girls on Friday…
Wesstern Guilford boys and girls at Dudley on Friday…

*****I’m sure we will be adding more as the week unfolds.*****


  1. I don’t know that I would exactly refer to this as a “big” game for the Trojans. At least not when you consider the level of competition they are accustomed to playing against. I know this is a “backyard rivalry” and I mean no disrespect to Coach Clifford or his kids. I just don’t see this being within 20 points by the time it is all said and done. As a High Point resident I have seen plenty of both of these teams this year. With Wesleyan we are talking about ACC and eventually NBA level talent. In watching multiple Cougar games I would question their overall desire and effort at times. They have a lot of talented kids, but I just don’t see them being able to get the job done on the defensive end against Wesleyan. Again, no disrespect is intended. This is just an honest opinion from an educated hoops and Wesleyan fan.

  2. Cannot say I disagree with any of those comments. Wesleyan is the best team in the area, and the Bengals are next. If we are able to beat them, it will be because of coaching. Their athleticism is very intimidating!!! In my opinion, the PHS pipeline will be shut down for the foreseeable future, because the kids currently in place are committed to the system and Abell does not have a son who can benefit from the relationship, and the current players have no ties to Clifford. HPCA will need to go to Nigeria or Lithuania to stay near the top—emphasis on “near the top”.

  3. dale, in response to your first sentence, I can – and do. I think they are ridiculous, but we’ll let the kids settle it on the court. Would sure bet a lot with HPCA + 20. Not sure how a rational basketeball fan could question the Cougars ‘overall desier and effort’, but I guess you’re a lot smarter than the rest of us.

  4. Effort and desire? For HPCA? Ok….and Dale, or coach, when GDS’ best win is someone other than W.Stokes, you can join the conversation. Until then, let the big boys settle it on the court and you guys keep padding your win total. I think the pipeline is doing just fine at HPCA. When good players are actually paying to go to school somewhere you know they have a good thing going.

  5. Clifford doesn’t strike me as a guy that needs people defending him, in fact, if he reads this site, I bet he loves the first 2 comments.

  6. I know coach doesn’t need defenders, but as a parent at the school I know that we are at least doing things the right way. I also know that more and more kids are wanting to come because I know a lot of people in the area. For Dale to get on here, when everybody has a pretty good idea who he is and throw jabs is ridiculous. GDS knew where they were this year, that’s why they haven’t played anyone. They are a good well-coached team, but they have no business throwing out barbs. Not until they beat someone good anyways.

  7. GDS boys did not play anybody this year ? Freddy does not play anybody any year regardless of his talent. He must protect his winning average. His record should have an (*) beside it reading “he only played tough games when within conference play or the state playoffs – so 25% of his wins will not be acknowledged”. Why can’t GDS play local teams such as Quality Education, or Thomasville Prep, or even regional powers such as Oak Hill ?

  8. Dear Eagle dad,
    Like you really know what good basketball is from watching your teams!!! LOL, just look at the history. You have more upheaval in your programs than most middl eastern countries have in their government. The only thing you have going for you is the national record for “double standards”. LOL!!!
    Dale Fulton

  9. 1- Will Baldwin try to go at Richmond since he was his backup all summer?

    2- Will Clifford be able to play all those guys that are use to playing against the super talented 6 from Wesleyan?

    3- Will Kobani be too much to handle for Chapman, Carelock, and Gilmore?

  10. High Point Christian & Wesleyan are like 2 pro teams with all the talent they have. For anyone in the Triad to be able to compete with them much less beat them would be an absolute miracle. They have all the talent one could hope for…

  11. Who is Dale Fulton?
    He is definitely someone very close to the GDS program. It wouldn’t be Freddy because he has too much class for that. He could be the coach’s son. Or he could be one of the assistant coaches. Maybe he is the assistant coach’s brother who dabbles in coaching other sports. Or he could be that guy that has been working kids out in the GDS gym for years, taking parents money while he talks a big game but has never coached a good team in his life. He might be that “huge” GDS fan who helps run the L4. Whoever he is, he hides behind a screen name and insults kids, parents, and coaches while cowering behind his keyboard. He definitely has issues.

  12. How about a reward for any man or woman that can identify and bring in “Dale Fulton” ? I am sure someone is willing to bring this person down for the right prize. Heck I would think even GDS would like to see this Dale Fulton go down.

  13. Same old, same old. Every year HP Christian thinks they’re the best team in the area, when Wesleyan clearly has the upper hand. For instance, last year, despite yet again being considered “the underdog,” Wesleyan beat HPCA on HPCA’s home court. WCA would have won at home as well had Montay Brandon not been hobbled by an ankle injury. Nobody is saying that HPCA is a bad team, but to say that they come anywhere close to Wesleyan is insane. Let’s compare college interests. Wesleyan: UCONN, Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, UNC, NCSU, Wake, Ohio State, Tennessee. HPCA: UNCW, UNCG, Appalachian. At the end of the day, Wesleyan has a better team from top to bottom and it will show on Tuesday night. I’ll be surprised if HPCA can keep it within 20. Also, look for Harry Giles to dominate down low.

  14. I happen to know that Dale Fulton is actually Stan Kowalewski, former head basketball coach at Northern Guilford and OMA.

    You heard it here first folks.

  15. “Here We Go”, you make some good points in comparing the college interest the players are receiving. I guess if HPCA can ‘keep it within 20’ (or, win), you’d sure have to say Brandon Clifford is a superior coach, if he wins (or stays within 20) with inferior players (as you say). And I’ll take your advice and I’ll look for Giles to dominate (Kobani?) down low. Don’t expect to see it, but I’ll be sure to look for it.

    What I do expect to see, however, is one heck of a game. Two verh good teams, no arguement there.

  16. @ Eagle Dad

    For HPCA’s sake, I would hope that they woudn’t put Kobani on Giles. Giles is their biggest player, but he can drive, dish, and shoot. Kobani can’t matchup with that versatility. I would expect Kobani to gaurd Gilmore in the post. I just have a feeling that Wesleyan’s length, size, and athleticism will lead them to victory. But by 20 points guys? Come on. HPCA has four seniors playing college ball after all.

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