ACC Basketball Wrap-up from Sunday with Heel men taking beat-down at C’ville and all of the Women’s scores here

Men’s ACC Final from Sunday night in Charlottesville, Virginia:
Virginia Cavaliers 61
North Carolina Tar Heels 52

Game heard locally on 94.5FM and hard to find on ESPN(I can’t see U/you)….94.5FM is Jeff Cushman programed station and RUSH usually takes top billing there…..

Women’s Hoops Finals from Sunday:

Miami 58, Virginia 52
Duke 90, Boston College 53
Maryland 71, Florida State 64
Wake Forest 69, NC State 56
Georgia Tech 81, Clemson 59
North Carolina 48, Virginia Tech 45



  2. I think the Heels have Miami next and since Roy is outspoken, he will always be on the ‘Hot Seat’, especially when the Heels are sliding….

    Miami Hurricanes are no pushover either…..Larranaga is a very good coach…Just look back at the Heels-George Mason game a few years back….

  3. Roy Williams will never be asked to leave North Carolina.

    He has had some up and down years, but Roy is still the ‘Dean’ of ACC coaches.

    Nobody else is even close.

    Roy will leave North Carolina when he is good and ready and he won’t be ready for another 15-20 years.

  4. Andy we all know you are a Carolina hater. First, I would hardly call it a beat down as the Tar Heels squandered away an 8 point lead in the second half. However, a loss is a loss there are no moral victories in sports. If you have noticed in the last couple of years Roy builds up a championship caliber team with excellent talent and then they bolt for the NBA. This year the Tar Heels are playing with HUGE percentages of mins. played, points, rebounds etc. gone! Again, no excuse they should be better than they are without a doubt. Roy Williams has two national titles under his belt and ACC regular season championships. He of course had success at Kansas as well. I think most anyone would take Roy Williams and his body of work. The year that George Mason beat Carolina Andy was the year after a national title Sean May, Raymond Felton, Rashad Mccants, Jackie Manuel, Melvin Scott, Jawad Williams, and Marvin Williams all either graduated or were drafted into the NBA. I will finish by saying that this is not a very good UNC basketball team. Could Coach K work with this team and make them into a sweet sixteen caliber team or further yes I would agree with that as well. Roy Williams is a good coach and Tar Heel fans need to be patient.

  5. Just a good headline to get the ball rolling.

    I listened to the game on 1975 Craig in-home stereo system last night and I always pull hard for PJ Hairston…..PJ is one of our locals and I hope he has a SUPER season…

    My writings will not change the outcome of the UNC season, but we will continue to track and follow them on ‘The Road to the ACC Tournament in Greensboro’…..

    PJ is a good friend of mine and I will pull for my people, just not quite as hard when the Heels meet N.C. State and while we are at it, what about that 1974 season….

    That was the best ACC Team of all-time, bar none…

    N.C. State in 1974, can we get some love out here for the WOLFPACK today…..Hollar if you hear me folks…..

    No matter what you are doing “Hollar if you hear me today”….We need to get some HEAT up in here in this place today….

    And with that, I’m OUT!!!

  6. While we are all coming out…I HATE UNCheat and I love and graduated from NCSU. Of course I cannot say I hate UNC fans since my wife is a graduate but I will never, ever, ever pull for themin ANY sport. Now and forever an ABC fan.

    Wow I have been holding that in a long time. Like Andy I feel so much better that I can just let it out now.

  7. You gotta do what you gotta do and that is what we are here for…You have to let it out and this is the place to do it….

    The UNC fans had a ‘FREE’ reign in this town unitl we stepped in and upset the ‘Apple Cart’ about 25 years ago and it had to be done, somebody had to step in and level the playing surface and “That’s the Bottom Line, cause ole’ Jock Lobotamata said so”….

    And now we can all drink from the same ‘ACC Kool Aide Cup’……

    We leveled the playing surface and in the course doing that, we changed how people and fans view the Atlantic Coast Conference today and I was glad to be a part of it and many TRUE fans over the years have thanked me for it….

    Some have gone as far to call me a ‘Modern Day’ James A. Naismith and others have called me ‘Jock Strap’ and I don’t care, I just have to remain right there in the middle of the game, just like I have done since the days of the covered wagon brother……..

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