Duke Devils #1 and the Pack of N.C. State #20 in the Nation and “N.C. State will beat the Unbeaten Devils this Saturday in Raleigh”

Duke is #1 in the new Associated Press college basketball poll, that just came out today and the Devils have been in the top spot in the country/nation now, for 4 straight weeks….Duke stands at (14-0) and joins the group of just three Unbeaten teams left in college basketball’s top division, along with Michigan at #2 and Arizona at around #5 and you see all of this for yourself when you CLICK HERE for ESPN.com….

N.C. State(12-2) moves up to #20 from #23 this week and the ‘Pack will face/host Duke this coming Saturday in Raleigh……And, Duke will lose this game and also have to turn in their Unbeaten tag/card, after N.C. State takes them out, inside the PNC Arena, on Saturday afternoon….

N.C. State is going to win this game and I have it on good authority that this will happen on Saturday…Duke will fall from the ranks of the Unbeatens on Saturday….

I spoke with a gentleman today that says he is good friends with Joe Namath and he said Joe has guaranteed a Wolfpack victory over Duke for this Satuday…..The gentleman I talked with claims to know Joe and the word is, N.C. State wins in Raleigh this Saturday and we all know what happened the last time Joe made a bold prediction like this one….1969 Super Bowl with the Jets over the Colts(Baltimore) and ‘Now you know the Rest of the Story’……

Namath says State will win and you just have to sit back and watch, cause this is how it is going to go….

You can’t mess with a ‘Guarantee’…..N.C. State over Duke this Saturday……..

*****Boy, that town(Raleigh) is going to be Rockin’, on Saturday night.*****


  1. I agree Andy. NCSU 64 Duke 59. Duke will go 20% for it’s 3 pointers and this will cost them the game.

  2. Yea right… anyone remember the on-camera drunken kiss attempt Nameth made on the gal from ESPN? I think he hasn’t sobered up yet.

    The Duke Prussian Blue Devils will not loose to one-dimensional State.

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