Visitors still stopping by to see UNC commit T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford)

T.J. Logan had football visitors last week from N.C. State and Ohio State and they were not talking a lot of detailed football, just staying in touch with the AP Player of the Year from Northern Guilford…

Everett Withers, former UNC interim head coach and now a chief assistant at Ohio State, was in town and N.C. State sent a coach out to Spencer-Dixon Road as well….

T.J. is still firm toward the North Carolina Tar Heels, but it always a real good idea to stay in touch….

Larry Fedora and his staff are trying to work the same magic with WR Marquez North, the All-American from Mallard Creek, with Clemson and Tennessee beating a path to that kid’s house as well and Fedora is saving a special visit for North and his family, with that trip to Charlotte set to come some time in mid-January…..

CLICK HERE to read more on T.J. Logan and the line is forming at the front of his house….


  1. Word on the street is that he will be taking his football talents to Hardgrave Military Academy.

  2. No way, he wouldn’t be that crazy to give up a chance to play in a D1 school and a TRUE shot at the NFL… Hargrave Military Academy is great for producing nba Talent. I think the ACC would be a perfect home for him.

  3. Jordan, If he goes to Hargrave, he would only go there to prep academically for a year because he couldn’t qualify academically for D1. This is common for all major sports because it is a prep school and not a college. You don’t lose eligibility.

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