1. just wondering what you thought about the RG3 situation in the game sunday-was he wrong to leave him in the game knowing he was hurt with a 14-13 lead at halftime?redskin nation seems to think so

  2. The Redskins should have put Kirk Cousins in there at QB as soon as RGIII went down the first time…

    The word is, that his orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, never cleared RGIII to play in hte game in the first place….

    RGIII had not been cleared to play by Dr. Andrews and he put himself in a career threatening situation…

    Hopefully RGIII can come back at, at least near 100%, after this injury and if not the Redskins will be looking for a new coach and a new QB…..

  3. I think all this did was show that winning was more important to that coach, for allowing RG3 to make that decision, and he showed no regard to the health and wellbeing to the future of the Redskins franchise. I think he should be fired after that call. Unacceptable!

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