Check this one out and it is a bit sad, but very interesting:ESPN’s E-60 “The Scott Hall Story”

Maybe you saw this one when it came by ESPN on the first run, I missed it, but caught it while stopping over at YouTube last night and this one shows and tells it all, on Scott Hall, the professional wrestler, who saw his life take a terrible turn for the worse over the years and this didn’t happen all at one time….Scott killed a man when he was 25, was making a million dollars a-year wrestling at age 38 and then as time went on, everything kept on going downhill and he couldn’t get it to stop….

Drugs, alcohol and the entertaiment lifestyle and Scott Hall had it all and he lost it all, on more than one occasion…(Hall said he should have died over 100 times.)

He is still trying to get his life back together at age 54 and you can see how it all goes down and has been going down for nearly 30 years, for Scott Hall….

Worth the time it will take to watch it all on Scott Hall and you can check it out when you CLICK HERE…Again, worth the time to take it in…..ESPN E-60, “The Scott Hall Story”….