Afternoon/Evening Sports Update:Duke’s Ryan Kelly out, Carolina Panthers hire new GM, RGIII surgery is complete

He has a right foot injury and Duke’s Ryan Kelly is going out of the Devils’ basketball lineup for a while…CLICK HERE to learn more and again, they are not sure of his return…(

The Carolina Panthers new general manager is Dave Gettleman from the Hew Giants and now some Panthers fans are calling for Gettleman, to bring in Norv Turner(Dallas, Washington, San Diego), as the offensive coordinator, or maybe as the QB coach…Panthers need a runningbacks coach with John Settle(Rockingham County/Appalachian State/Atlanta Falcons) getting fired yesterday…..
CLICK HERE to read all on Carolina Panthers new hire as GM….(Charlotte Observer)

The surgery report on Robert Griffin III, of the Washington Redskins, by of Dr. James Andrews, noted orthopedic surgeon and the work has been done and it won’t be long until time for the rehab to being again, for RGIII….CLICK HERE to read all on this one…(Washington Post)..Can RGIII duplicate the comeback of Adrien Peterson(Minnesota Vikings)???


  1. do you really think they will bring rg3 back for the first game of the season? they are basing this on adrian petersons injury and may do enough to end rg3 forever with another injury-i hear the redskins are looking for a new name i can think of a few of them

  2. Dr. James Andrews is the best doctor around…He has fixed up many a good athlete….

    Let’s hope it worked for RGIII….

    If not, Kurt Cousins as the Skins’ QB for the next 5-7 years…

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