High School high scorers from last night’s games

Girls cut-off at 12 points and boys cut-off at 15 points to get in on this list and here we go with Tuesday night info and we might need to get a few numbers coming out of some of our Monday night contests….

Boys High School high scorers:
Jaqwan McCauley(Southern Guilford) 35 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 32 points
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 26 points
Mohammed Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 24 points
Joseph Bryant(Ragsdale) 24 points
Josh Burton(Westchester) 24 points
Christian Hairston(Greensboro Day School) 22 points
Josh Crutchfield(Southeast Guilford) 22 points
Lucas Bouknight(Grimsley) 20 points
Harry Giles(WES) 19 points
Khalil Vance(Dudley) 18 points
Kaleel Walton(Western Guilford) 18 points
T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 17 points
Diante Baldwin(HPCA) 17 points
Sam Hunt(Dudley) 16 points
Nick Powell(Northwest Guilford) 16 points
Malik Prileau(Northern Guilford 16 points
Chandler Peraldo(Bishop McGuinness) 16 points
Mike Kobani(HPCA) 16 points
Cody Hylton(NWG) 15 points
Carmoni Marks(WG) 15 points
F. Whitsett(Southern Guilford) 15 points

Girls High School high scorers:
Hollie Boggs(Southern Alamance) 26 points
Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day) 24 points
Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford) 22 points
Briana Burgins(Southwest Guilford) 20 points
Nya Moore(Northern Guilford) -20 points
Ronata Rogers(GDS) 19 points
Morgan Pointer(NWG) 17 points
Amanda Coffer(NG)-16 points
Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale) 15 points
Nyla Allen(Smith) 14 points
Kennedy Porter(SWG) 14 points
Tessa Johnson(Bishop) 14 points
Hannah Houser(Caldewll Academy) 14 points
Shay Burnett(SA) 13 points
Hayley Barber(NWG) 13 points
Anna Hood(Westchester) 13 points
Gabby Boyd(NG) 13 points
Akela Maize(Dudley) 12 points
Kennedy Currie(Dudley) 12 points


  1. NG girls played Western Alamance last night (not Morehead)and won 97-9.

    Sydney Wilson-22pts
    Nya Moore-20pts
    Amanda Coffer-16pts
    Gabby Boyd-13pts

  2. Kennedy currie Scored 12 points in last night game vs SE . News and record was incorrect in their report

  3. Quan Mims for McMichael is probably one of the best players in the area that no one knows about

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