High School Basketball Polls are rolling with SWG boys, GDS boys and Page girls only ones still UNBEATEN!

Our High School Basketball Polls

Here is your look at our polls for this week…….

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(13-0)
2)Northeast Guilford(12-1)
4)Northwest Guilford(12-4)
6)Eastern Guilford(7-6)
8)High Point Central(7-7)
9)Western Guilford(7-9)
11)Southern Guilford(5-8)
13)Northern Guilford(4-10)
14)Southeast Guilford(3-12)
15)High Point Andrews(2-8)
*****Records according to the MaxPreps.com….*****

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(24-0)
3)High Point Christian(14-3)
4)Vandalia Christian(11-5)
5)New Garden Friends School(8-9)
6)Calvary Baptist(10-6)
7)Bishop McGuinness(7-5)
8)New Hope Christian(5-6)
9)Westchester Country Day(5-8)
10)Caldwell Academy(3-11)

Girls Public School Poll:
3)Southeast Guilford(13-2))
4)Northern Guilford(13-1)
5)High Point Andrews(12-1
6)Eastern Guilford(9-4)
7)Southwest Guilford(8-5)
9)Western Guilford(6-8)
10)Southern Guilford(7-7)
11)Northwest Guilford(5-10)
14)Northeast Guilford(0-11)
15)High Point Central(0-14)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)New Hope Christian(14-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(19-2)
3)New Garden Friends School(18-4)
4)Calvary Baptist(10-2)
5)Bishop McGuinness(7-5)
6)Vandalia Christian(7-4)
7)Caldwell Academy(8-9)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-7)
10)High Point Christian Academy(1-7)

Boys Combined Poll:
3)Southwest Guilford(13-0)
5)Northeast Guilford(12-1)
7)Northwest Guilford(12-4)
9)Eastern Guilford(6-5)


  1. I have seen GDS, Wesleyan and HPCA play multiple times this season. GDS won’t beat any of those two. Just because they have played twice as many cupcake games and are 24-0 doesnt mean they are #1. But by being undefeated, I see why you put them at #1

  2. We haven’t done a girls combo post/poll in the past, the girls don’t seem to lean combo as much as the guys do…They seem to lean a lot more on the girls side with public and private apart…

    We may have to look at that in the future, but right now the girls seem to be more separate…New Hope Christian plays none of the local public schools to my knowledge and I doubt the public schools would play them…

    The girls gap is getting smaller but for now it leans like we have it here and we have the girls lined up on the public school side with Northern at #4 and not #1 since they lost to Smith at the TIMCO and that took some of the steam out of the Northern girls team….

    Page is unbeaten and they deserve the #1 spot…Dudley just beat Southeast and knocked the Falcons down to #3…Dudley has 4 losses and SEG only two, but SEG has lost 2 and in a-row and they just lost to Dudley…SEG lost to Southern Alamance and then SEG dropped the game to Dudley on Tuesday….Dudley has played a murderous schedule and I saw them fall to West Forsyth and that game was real close for a while and then West took off…

    The key for Dudley making a run now is that they just got Makayla Rouse back and she is a big boost and she has helped considerably in the most recent Panther wins over Mount Tabor and SEG…

    Page is deep and Dudley just got deeper…SEG is fairly deep but their main cogs are still Hailey, Shutt, Upshaw, Uffman, Phifer, Hardnett and that is your top six there….

    Page has the top five of Coleman, Barnes, Johnson, Kea, Kargo and depth with Pegram, Sherman and Casper…

    I have seen Northern two or three times and they are tough with Coffer, Boyd, Wilson, Grinage and company, but being only 9 deep may hurt them down the road….Seeing the teams in that top group is how I see them and Northern may still get up in there, but it will be a tough nut to crack…Can’t see NG taking Page if they went head-to-head or Dudley or SEG right now….The top three are too deep and NG would have trouble if they got into foul trouble….

    Just made a long story long and I’m sure others have thoughts on this one….

  3. Mo Davis, Essence Abraham, Kennedy Currie and Akela Maize help Dudley flow too as do Harrison and Hairston off of the bench….

    Western’ main four are Lozada, Davis, Dean and Letricia Smith ….

    Smith relies heavily on Nyla Allen now, plus Garris, the two Williamsons and the small guard who reminds some of Helen Terry out there….

    Had to come back with more names to keep the playing surface as even as possible….

  4. Putting SW ahead of HPCA is flat out ridiculous. HPCA is 14-3 playing a national-caliber schedule, just as Wesleyan has 3 losses but all against good teams. SW has struggled with Central, Western and Ragsdale. No offense to SW, they are a good public school team, but it is apples and oranges. That’s why HPCA was nationally ranked, Wesleyan has been and probably will be again, and GDS is 24-0 and hasn’t been. Record doesn’t mean squat if you don’t beat good teams. Even if you are a decent team.

  5. Bishop Boys are 7-5. They play Vandalia soon, which should be an interesting game. I hear TC Daniels is very good.

  6. Got to go with some of the teams that have been hot and SWG has been hot and winning close games…HPCA coming off of a loss…HPCA should get it back, but now they will have to beat teams such as GDS and WES and that will get them leap-frogging some teams…HPCA has to beat Bengals and Trojans and they know that…If SWG loses they know they will fall…Their margin is very tight…The unbeaten record is what the SWG Cowboys are riding on and you have to give them credit for the way they have responded during this stretch…

  7. Eastern Guilford…Really?

    As I was looking at the boys and girls public school polls I noticed Eastern Guilford listed ahead of several better teams (in my opinion obviously). I scratch my head and thought of how this could be especially considering that on the boys side you’ve got them listed ahead of pretty good teams -Western Guilford/Smith. Also on the girls side you have them listed ahead of Southwest/Smith/Western..? Im pretty sure that all three of these teams would win a head to head matchup with Eastern Girls. I only ask because certainly the Smith and Western Strength of Schedules are better and the same goes for the girls side. Anyone else out there agree/disagree..?

  8. Really

    Are you saying that Eastern Guilford girls program and their players from the past and present could not compete against the teams you just named?

  9. The Nighthawk fans need not ever cry for your girls time to be number#1 in Guilford County….For #1 you have to play teams in the area…..you schedule no one with a winning record…….#2 you play your starters and press teams winning 89-12 and 97-8, use the time to get your younger kids ready to play…#3 If you want to be #1 in the area beat teams like Smith….they applied a little pressure and the team fell apart….weak teams don’t prepare you for championship runs…..they call NGHS girls the sisters of GDS Boys, with scheduling folks so the Coaches record looks good.

  10. Eastern Guilford has been playing some pretty good ball…Girls won their tournament and boys one game over .500…Girls overall at (9-4)…

    We’ll see how it all goes down the road, lots of basketball left to be played.

  11. HPCA needs to focus on GDS and WCA! Statement makes no sense…school recruits, re-class and you want a reward. Ha!

  12. @ SW, you are so funny. Turn him in SW, but you will be clowned. The AD at SW goes by the rules partner.

  13. Really,check the age on the star at SWG..why don’t you check the age on the 7 footers at HPCA their at least in their 20’s please don’t go there and the star pg at hpca yeah he’s 19 too,Leach is only 18 go ahead and prove me other wise,Birth Certifactes can’t lie he played ball all throughout high school and middle school so please don’t be ignorant,give southwest a 6’7 player who is decent and they will beat HPCA out of the gym,they run a 4 guard system basically and you give them someone who’s 6’7 they win states in 4A.

  14. No reason at all to bring HPCA kids into this when you don’t even know if it was an HPCA person that said anything about the SW player. It doesn’t take an HPCA fan to think that they would easily beat SW, come on. Both associations have age limits that are fairly similar, and both operate under two completely different sets of rules, what’s the point in comparing the 2? And if you have any evidence at all that HPCA recruits then spit it out. I am sure everyone wuld lve to hear it.

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