Are you ready for some Football??? Let’s do Page vs. Grimsley and Dudley-Smith and do it all over again, time to ‘play it again’ One More Time!!!


Alumni football is coming to Greensboro. Gridiron Alumni is planning several full contact alumni football games. Gridiron Alumni travels the nation pitting old football rivals against each other one more time. Players are needed to sign up and the first 50 players on each team get to play. The team that gets 30 people registered first gets home field advantage. Last Spring, hundreds of players and thousands of fans swarmed stadiums to watch their hometown heroes strap it on one more time. You may remember hearing about a big game between Pisgah and Tuscola alumni in May. For 2013, Gridiron Alumni is targeting more of the biggest rivalries in the nation for it’s Gridiron Alumni Rivalry Series. Teams from one of the most heated rivalries in the state are forming now, including alumni from Grimsley vs Page and Dudley vs Smith, just to name a few. If you or someone you know is interested in putting on the pads one more time, please go to to register. Spots fill up fast with these big games, so don’t miss out. If you have any questions, please call Chris at (530) 410-6396 or go to the website.


  1. I looked at the Website, they are serious. But, they are also a business. You pay to play (covers equipment rental), admission is charged (to cover field rental, officials, etc.) It will be interesting to see if they can get the 100 or so people needed locally to make this happen.

  2. The goal is 75% Alumni on a team. The Uniforms are basic/generic as the equipment/uniforms are moved from game to game/city to city.

    Basically, players make their deposit and a team is formed. The team does what ever they want to get ready for the big day when the equipment truck arrives in town for the game.

    They do have a rule that requires that big guys run, if one team is dominating the other.

  3. Thanks to Andy for putting in our release.
    @Coach: I just sent you an email.
    Just to clarify, you don’t have to pay until we KNOW there will be a game. We are creating lists and when we get enough, we’ll get the field, set a date, then we’ll ask for payment.
    @Gumbo: We understand that for a lot of these guys, it will be the first time they’ve gotten off the couch in 10 years. We give the guys at least 6-8 weeks to get into shape. It’s the incentive a lot of these guys have been looking for. Injuries are actually pretty low in these games, because we take the time to let guys get prepared. In addition, I have at least 3-4 guys every game that have lost 30-40 pounds because of this game.
    It’s good stuff. I think you’ll all enjoy it very much. Thanks for your support and for spreading the word.

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