welomes Billy Zarzour to the team

High Point University student Billy Zarzour joined the team on Friday and Billy will be on board as an intern for us, during the Spring semester of 2013…

Billy is from the Triangle area and currently in sports studies at HPU and he will be covering high school basketball games for us and contributing with posts in other areas as well….Look for Billy’s works showing up on the home page soon and we are lucky to have him on board at…

We couldn’t afford the more expensive Zarzour version of Taylor Zarzour(The Drive on WFNZ Charlotte and heard on the Triad Sports Network) so we went after the affordable Zarzour brand and grabbed up Billy Z…..

Again, we welcome Billy Zarzour to the team…..

*****I can hear the crowds now, “They( got Billy Zarsour”….*****

3 thoughts on “ welomes Billy Zarzour to the team

  1. Andy you all are in endanger of repeating the same mistake that ESPN made in its early years – “creating an east coast bias”. Your next intern or hire will need to come from the Charlotte or Boone area to even out the reporting style. Will Billy favor the Big South conference over the Southern or MEAC Conference for game coverage stories? Did even interview a candidate from the central or western part of the state? Do we need to enact a “Rooney like Rule” for this site going forward? Potential interns at Wake, A&T, Guilford, WS State, and UNCG should be protesting in front of Andy’s house as we are reading this post. Boycotts are developing across the triad from what I heard but nobody is reporting it on this site – I guess why ?? The people have spoken – Andy. Welcome aboard Billy ! We will be watching and reading just to see if you were the right hire.

  2. I kind of/sort of agree with you…

    There was a strange looking canoe parked out in front of my place this morning….

  3. I bet Greensboro Sports Inc. had to report to the SEC (security excange commission not South East Conference) that another executive has been added to the board.

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