Game Report: Varsity Boys Greensboro Day School vs. Providence Day School

Greensboro Day School (23-0) (1-0 conference) vs. Providence Day School (15-4): Varsity boys basketball

Greensboro Day – 77
Providence Day – 43

                     1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
   Greensboro Day    23   14   26   14    77
   Providence Day    12    5   13   13    43

Greensboro Day
Bryan Rouse – 3
Montrel Goldston – 7
Darius Moore – 4
Will Dillard – 4
BenMagod – 1
Reed Lucas – 9
Christian Hairston – 15
Marquelle McIntyre – 2
Reggie Dillard – 6
Jonathan Terry – 19
James Milner – 2
Trevor Mayo -5

Providence Day
B. Fields – 22
D. Henderson – 3
M. Lee – 4
C. Raye – 1
D. Mills – 2
G. Williams – 11

Submitted by Katie Watson


  1. Hey what do you ya know. GDS beats up on another bad school. They have already played more games then any public school will all year. Can’t wait to see Wesleyan bring them down to earth.

  2. That bad school was the same school Wesleyan beat by 12. I agree Wesleyan has more talent. But if they sleep on GDS they will not win. Bengals have to make shots and figure out how to rebound with Wesleyan. But anyone who thinks that GDS is just gonna get whipped is sadly mistaken.

  3. And just a side note. GDS held Davidson commit SCORELESS!! I don’t see him in the box score and I know he played. Those guys were guarding on Friday night. Teams that defend always have a chance to win. I wonder if Davidson has any idea the kid couldn’t scratch against GDS?

  4. Trust me, it could have been much worse. The Bengals are a fine basketball team; and if our players keep us close against Wesleyan and HPCA to the point that coaching plays a role, then we will win. Have a good week!

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