Trying to ‘track down’ Gary ‘The Boss’ Ross?????

*****If you have seen or heard from ‘The Boss’/Gary Ross, have him contact us at*****

Saw ‘The Boss’ Gary Ross, at the TIMCO Invitational Basketball Tournament, but need to get in touch with him this week….Hopefully he has his eyes or ears on, or somebody that knows Gary Ross will let him know we are looking for him….

Gary used to be on WMAG radio, Oldies 94.1 and some of the other major radio stations in our area and he has done the public address announcing for UNCG soccer, basketball and baseball, the Carolina Dynamo soccer, Greensboro Coliseum college and high school events and many more games/teams in our area….

If Gary ‘The Boss’ Ross is tuned in or if you see or run into him, have him contact us at…..That’s……


  1. Found him on Linked In but with limited resources…Don’t think he was there for the 1440AM/99.9KOOL FM…..

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