I remember the day that Lance Armstrong rode right by my house(On his bicycle)

I still remember the Sunday afternoon when Lance Armstrong rode/drove right by my house out on Old Oak Ridge Road, as the race he was involved in, swung right through our town….

Armstrong was just getting rolling/started on his cycling endeavors and the race that came through Greensboro was the Tour DuPont/Tour de Trump….

Donald Trump was sponsoring this race in its early days/stages and then DuPont products picked up the race and became the sponsor….

There were several stages/legs of the race and one of those just happened to take the bike riders right through out town and as they were headed up the hill there on Old Oak Ridge Road, there was Lance Armstrong(from Plano, Texas) up there in the lead pack of riders…..

Armstrong again, was still fairly new on the major cycling scene, as Greg LeMond held down the top spot then, but Armstrong was on his way and you could tell it, as he headed up the hill and began to pedal hard toward New Garden Road and then on he and the others went down West Friendly Avenue and they made the big turn on to Muirs Chapel Road and then over across West Market Street and through Pomona….

Lance Armstrong had always said, sort of like Johnny Cash did, “You’ll know it’s me when I come through your town….I’m going ride around in style, I’m going to drive everybody wild, cause I’ll have the one and only ride there is around”….

And I guess he did on that day and for a few more years to follow……

We can still see him pedaling up Old Oak Ridge Road, as he passed the Inman Road intersection…..