Top Five Players Ever for Page High School(Page Pirates Basketball)

Top Five Players Ever for Page High School(Page Pirates Basketball)

Who are your ‘Top Five Players’ Ever for Page High School?????

We started up with this idea earlier in the week and plan to keep it rolling all week and to include all of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Page High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools over the next couple of weeks…

Page Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Jasmine Gill, Anna Marie Duggins, Jan/Jill Williams, Chevena Pickard, Brittany Drew, and that is just a few and now you give us your TOP Five…Just giving you a few names to get you going….Some of you may want to go ahead and include Paris Kea, but for some of you it may still be a little too soon, but by the time she is done, she will surely be part of this list and with the Williams sisters, one went to Page and the other to Western, so take your pick on either Jan or Jill and we can’t say either Jan or Marcia, that is another ‘Bunch’…I’ll say for now it was Jan at Page and Jill at WG, we’ll see it all soon…

Page boys Top Five All-Time?????
Danny Manning, Haywood Jeffries, Tripp Welborne, John Newman, Michael Foster or your five you want to leave, just leaving some names to get you started…..Maybe Ray Harrison belongs on here???


  1. Girls Page: Alexis Neal, Jasmine Gill, Chevena Pickard, Bijon Fonville, Paris Kea

    Boys page: Marsharee Neely, Mitch Oates, Luquman Tijani, Danny Manning, and Ty Graves once his career at page is done

    No particular order

  2. Boys
    Danny Manning
    Tripp Welborne
    Lindsey Foster
    Raynard Harrison
    Haywood Jeffires


  3. Danny Manning
    Michael Foster
    Lindsey Foster
    Tripp Welborne
    Brandon Clifford

  4. Ray Harrison c/o 71
    Reggie Spruill c/0 75
    Danny Manning c/0 83
    Glenn Williford c/o 72
    Michael Foster c/o 83

  5. 1. Jasmine Gill
    2. Chevena Pickard
    3. Tonya Jackson
    4. Alexis Neal
    5. Bjorne Fonville

    Can someone tll me exactly what has this Paris Kea kid actually done? I hear her name a lot.

  6. Bonita Williams – Best girl ever from page maybe from Greensboro!

    Reginald Spruill- Top three Boys
    Danny Manning
    Raynard Harrison

  7. Danny Manning didn’t graduate from Page. I doubt if he ever came back to the school? Paris has the potential but what has she done that really make her stand out as a top five?

  8. Lol prisoner of the moment folks…its no way in the world I would put Paris Kea over Jasmine Gill. She’s good but she’s no J. Gill this order
    1. Jasmine Gill
    2. Alexis Neal
    3. Bijon Fonvile
    4. Paris Kea
    5. Chevena Pickard

    Boys no order tho
    Marsharee Neely, Luquman Tijani, Danny Manning, And last 2 spots open

  9. Reggie Spruill got a full ride to Georgia and then later played on my intramural team at Liberty, Reggie might need to get a spot on here…

    Reggie at Georgia
    Ray Harrison at North Carolina
    Danny Manning at Kansas
    John Newman at James Madison
    Michael Foster at South Carolina

    *****All of those guys played DI ball….*****

  10. lindsay foster has to be in there great basketball player and also a top pick in baseball by toronto blue jays out of louisburg college. if not mistaken 1st pick in second round.great athlete. was jordan like on the court.and smooth as some of the best at shortstop.

  11. besides Jasmine Gill, what other Page girls has gone DII or higher? The only other person i know that went to play college ball was Chevena Pickard, but she is D3

  12. Coach Jones will know these names!
    1. Tonya Braswell -Fayetteville state
    2. Stacey Boggs -Wake Forest (had a career ending knee injury)
    3. Quisha Floyd -NC State
    4. Anna Maria Duggins -Georgia Tech
    5. Paris Key -any school in the USA!!

    The 1990 Page girls team was pretty unstoppable.

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