Interview with Coach David Secor and the New Garden Friends School Boys Basketball

Got to meet and speak with New Garden Friends School boys basketball coach David Secor last night, just after his Bears had defeated Vandalia Christian School, 110-86, and Coach Secor broke down the game for us and had good things to say about his Bears and the visiting Vikings from VCS…

The Bears program is growning and when they get Kenny/Ikena Smart and Cameron Williams back to go along with Kanayo Obi-Rapu Jr., Isaiah Manderson, Mason Wyrick and others, this Bear bunch/team will be a bear to battle come game time, in late Januray/early February…

The Bears are on the move and let’s move into our interview with Coach Secor and you can check it out now, when you Click On below….


  1. New Garden is awful. c’mon, really? they play home school teams and have a subpar record vs a weak schedule, other than gds/qea. wesylan and hpc would kill as would alot of area public schools like page, just like gds did. play somebody

  2. You are just wrong in your assesment of NGFS. This is a young program that is growing fast under the leadership of a number of good adults. Last years team may have been more skilled but they are not bad this season given that injuries have hurt them bad. And, next year they will be strong, very strong. The lineup will include, Obi-Rapu, Smart retruning from injuries, The big kid Isaih Robertson and Josh Level. These guys will compete with anyone.

    It is interesting that many of the local public and private schools either backed out or refused to play them. Wonder why? keep in mind that last year they put a real scare into GDS in the fourth quarter.


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