Is David Amerson(N.C. State/Dudley HS) going to turn pro and head on to the NFL???(Does he STAY or does he Go?)

What do you say is it yea or nay, is he going to play college or pro football next season???(Fall of 2013)

Back to N.C. State, or on to the National Football League for David Amerson, former DB for the Dudley Panthers and possibly soon-to-be former DB, for the N.C. State Wolfpack???

From what we have been hearing and from what we have been seeing(News and Record, and other sources), the consensus is saying that DA, will soon be a DB, in the NFL….

What do you say, Yea or Nay, will he stay and play in Raleigh or will he play next season, somewhere in the National Football League???

YES or NO, will he STAY or will he GO???

No or Yes, are we in a mess, what’s your GUESS???
(This starting to become like a game of Chess.)

Does he Stay or does he Go??? There are those who want to know….And how long can we go on with this tirade??? The buck just stopped, but what is your opinion???


  1. Hasn’t he already declared for the draft? Word around State is this happened about two weeks ago.

  2. Isn’t there a deadline date where if he has committed he can still withdraw his name, like they have with the NBA Draft…

  3. should stay another year .didnt have a good year this year got burned a few times didnt tackle that well in the secondary. just think another year of seasoning will do him good . just my thinking. adrian wilson came out with about the same numbers his junior year and made it happen in the nfl his rookie year, this could be the same path. good luck to him hopes he does well basketball player went from sitting on the bench and not playing until davis said come on out for football and look what player turned nfl db kids take note you might be better in one than thinking your better in the other.need to go to the cowboys they need help bad .

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