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Friday night, three games stand out as powerhouse games. Ticket sales are high and the games might be sold out early.

Wesleyan versus Greensboro Day Boys Varsity Basketball
Dudley versus Page Girls Varsity Basketball
Dudley versus Page Boys Varsity Basketball

Who will win?

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  1. Based on last nights scores it looks like GDS and Wesleyan were looking ahead to Friday night. I am torn as to who I think will win. If Richmond can’t play I am definitely going with GDS. With Richmond playing I think one of two scenarios. 1 – Wesleyan wins by 12. 2 – If it is close going to 4th quarter GDS pulls it out just because they execute and have the edge on the bench as well as the experience on the court.

  2. In the page -Dudley battle, I think it will be a good game. The girls for Dudley just have to play smart and get the ball to the open person.their size should help them. defensively they have to contain pages shooters and stop ball penetration….the final exam

  3. To appy-
    I think you are right as far as bench experience but as far as experience on the court I believe Wesleyan has the edge just because of there schedule. I know GDS has a lot of experience as far as seniors but there weak schedule this year is going to hurt them in this game. Wesleyan has played 4 nationally ranked teams and although they have not won they were all close at the end.
    My prediction-GDS will come out a grab a quick lead playing with alot of emotion and Wesleyan will wear them down and end up winning by double digits. Also I believe Richmond will play. He could have played last night but from what I have heard was held out as a precaution

  4. GDS is so small. I finally got a chance to see them play twice in the last week and a half and I was blown away with how small they were. That’s gonna be a problem playing a team with good, athletic, and much taller players like the ones Wesleyan has.

  5. GDS too small ? What ? Their starting line up is Christian 6’8″, Reggie 6’4″, Reed 6’3″, Montrell 6’3″, & JT 6’2″. They are not big on the inside but small is not the best use of words for a high school team. When you consider the size of a high school floor then GDS’s size is enough. GDS has above average speed and more potential shooters than the average great team. The GDS regular bench players are smaller but much quicker. This game will come down to each teams ability to execute the game plan or get the other team to abandon their game plan. WES has more high level players and GDS has more mid major players. WES plays an individual showcase style and GDS plays a more rotate the ball as a team style. The difference in the game will be whomever can hit more 3’s, less than 10 turnover, make the most free throws and get more fast break points. I am predicting WES by 7. However which team exceeds 14 free throws first will win the game.

  6. Hairston is 6’7″ Dillard is 6’3″ an compared to Wesleyan that is pretty small considering their lineup is 6’1″, 6’5″, 6’6″, 6’8″ and 6’9. Plus have 6’6″, 6’6″, & 6’3″ coming of the bench. So compared to Wesleyan, GDS is quite small.

  7. On a high school floor, a lot of that size will be neutralized. The starters for GDS are thicker than WES. The GDS strength will help control some of the long size by WES. The floor gaps will be smaller and room to run will shorten. The game will come down to free throws, fast breaks and the ability to hit perimeter shots. WES will get its share of extra dunks but they must also prevent GDS from getting extra fast break layups. These type of games will be what the top 8-9 players on both teams will explain at the next level within the next 1-2 years. This will be equal to an average mid level college game on Friday night.

  8. GDS will have to zone to negate WES size and lack of shooting. If they go man it could get ugly. Who is Reed Lucas gonna stay in front of out there. And who is gonna stick Richmond. Dillard and Hairston gonna have there hands full. GDS back up point guard is to small. If GDS zones they can win. I assume there’s to much Harry Giles down low and Pinson in the open court

  9. Look for Paris to dominate because of her advance skill level versus Dudley’s Makayla and Essence. There will be no friendhsip here. Its Pages time!

  10. Re: kea camp…..if I not mistaken the lady panthers beat page twice last year, and I think ms kea played in these games. So as far as her stills go they didn’t help much.Sometimes people hype players up to much and sometimes not enough. time will tell if she is as good as you say….. But until then… Makayla and essence will be just fine

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