Interview with Keith Gatlin Wesleyan Trojans’ boys basketball coach from Monday at the Greensboro Coliseum

Caught up with Coach Keith Gatlin on Monday night, just after his Wesleyan Trojans had fought back to defeat the Dudley Panthers at the Greensboro Coliseum, during the MLK Day Games…

The Trojans were down, but they battled back and listen to hear what Coach Gatlin has to say about how his team is responding to all of the challenges, that they are seeing this season…

Click On below for the Coach Keith Gatlin video interview….


  1. Sam Hunt was the BEST player on the court during the Dudley-Wesleyan game! Nothing against former Panther Jaquel Richmond but if he had Major D-1 offers including the ACC, etc… I can not see why Sam Hunt does not have the same offers or better. Hunt verbally committed to Jacksonville but if he keeps progressing and playing at this level, I think he can play Major ACC/SEC/Big Ten Basketball also! Just imagine if Sam Hunt transferred to Greensboro Day, Wesleyan, HPC, etc…for a FIFTH season of High School Basketball! He would EASILY be amongst the top 15-20 Point Guards in the Country!

  2. Gotta applaud Sam for NOT “following the sheep” on this one and he’ll be better off in life because of it. Sam will go as far as his desire and talent will take him.

  3. I take my hat off to Sam Hunt. But thats not the reason he don’t have D1 scholarships because he’s really a 2 guard in a point guard body. I’ve watched him play a couple of times and he is a scorer. He doesn’t average any assist and don’t get the team involve so therefor he is not a true point guard. If Sam doesn’t score for Dudley they don’t win. (He is a scorer)

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