Greensboro Day School #9 this week in National Academy Top 10

from….GDS is at #9 in the nation for this week and they travel to meet the HPCA Cougars on Friday night at the Greene Street Baptist Church, in High Point….

9. (9) Greensboro Day (N.C.), 28-0
All but two of Greensboro Day’s 28 victories have come by 10 points or more, with 18 coming by 20 points or more. The Bengals will need to be on top of their game Friday against 17-3 High Point Christian Academy.

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  1. Greensboro Day Boys Varsity Team finally is getting the respect it deserves. It is lead by Seniors, Reggie Dillard, Christian Hairston, JT Terry, Montrell Goldston & Reed Lucas. These “student athletes” have received no respect all year, and are finally getting it. All the “local” media, and fans have been consumed by the Two High Point Independent Teams, SW Guilford, and GDS has been under the radar and disrespected. The absolutely embarrassed Wesleyan last Sat, who claims to have the next best thing since Lebron James, in Theo and/or the Giles kid. Christian and Montrell shut them down. And speaking of Montrell Goldston, he is without question, being disrected by several college coaches…Someone needs to pick that kid up..He has skills, heart, and more determination than most kids I have seen this year…Keep making me proud..Go Bengals!

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