Top Five Players Ever for Ragsdale High School?????(Ragsdale Tigers Basketball and save a spot on your list for ‘Big’ Jim Modlin)

Be sure to save a spot on your boy’s list for ‘Big’ Jim Modlin and we need to get his jersey retired over there at Ragsdale HS and we’ll pay for the jersey if Ragsdale will retire it… more than happy to cover that cost/tab…Let’s start a movement to have Jim Modlin’s basketball jersey retired at Ragsdale High School….What do you say?????….All in???

Top Five Players Ever for Ragsdale High School?????

Who are your ‘Top Five Players’ Ever for Ragsdale High School?????(Ragsdale Tigers Basketball)

We started up with this idea last week and our plan is to keep it rolling again this week and to try and include all of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Ragsdale High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools over the next two weeks…

Ragsdale Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Gracie Simmons, Joy Marschall, Vickie McLean, Danielle Duncan, Lisa Archie????? And that is just a few and now you can give us your TOP Five…Some names to get you going….You probably have a few other names you want to get in here, so bring all of them on…..

Ragsdale boys Top Five All-Time?????
‘Big’ Jim Modlin, Shorty Rickman, Mark Dixon, Jay Canty, Wally Jones, or your five you want to leave….Who do you include, any currents????? Who else should be on this list of Top Five Tigers???

Just leaving some names to get you started…..Maybe you have a few more to go along with these…..


  1. David Schuk/Shook/Scuhk is a read good one..Pretty sure he played college hoops at Navy and then transferred to UNCG and finished there…

    Ssw Duece’s name on an old Ragsdale roster as Oddusa Bello….We do remember David, Duece, Jay and I remember Reme when he was playing for Glenwood Ceter or the Trotter Tigers…I did some of his games back in the early 90’s and I believe Reme later played college footgball at Appalachian…

    What are others saying and what about ‘Big’ Jim??? Where is that stinkin’ Ogi Overman when you need him??? OGI get in here….

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