Don’t see any high school basketball happening tonight, do you???

With the schools set to dismiss three hours early today, it makes you wonder why they went in at all, in the first place….I saw on-line last night that some schools were closing as early as 10:30 this morning, after probably arriving on campus at 8am….

What constitutes a day of classes and when can you count it as a full day? Does just showing up count???

Add to that the fact that it is already snowing at 9am and that gives us the call that we won’t see any high school basketball games being played tonight…..

But maybe this afternoon someplace out there???

Remember three years ago, maybe four years ago now since it was in December, when they went ahead and played High Point Christian vs. Greensboro Day early with a 12 Noon or 1pm start on a very snowy Friday afternoon…I was there and that was when Mitchell Oates played his first game for HPCA and they did well early, but GDS won out and I think Corey Arvinger(recent newspaper celebrity) was in that game that day for GDS….

And what about that Friday afternoon two years ago, when Greensboro Day and Wesleyan played on a very snowy Friday afternoon, at Wesleyan???

On those two Friday afternoons it was very, very snowy…..But they still got those games in and the snow/ice hit a little later on those two occasions….

Pretty sure those two snow games came in different years, but they may have been in the same year, but on different Fridays with a whole bunch of snow on the roads, when we came out of those games….

There is a little trip down memory lane with the ‘Snow Games’ and we will never forget those, with one at GDS and the other at WES…And by the way, Greensboro Day won both of the games….

There is supposed to be ‘mucho’ snow and ice today, so NO games today, would be the ‘call of the day’…..


  1. Thank-you APPY…The cut we got said 5pm tip, so give or take a few minutes…HPCA at GDS on Saturday afternoon…

    Spread the word…..

    Kind of like the fight in the movie Every Which Way But Loose with Clint Eastwood….

    Eastwood was Philo Beato and he was fighting this guy in a barn on the edge of town and nobody was supposed to know about it…

    Word spread quickly about the fight and the whole town showed up to see the fight…

    They ended up fighting so hard they knocked the walls of the barn down and the fight spread up the road/street and on into town with the entire crowd following the fight up the street and into town….

    Great movie with Clint Eastwood…Saw it on a snowy Friday back in ’79 at the Plaza up in Virginia…

    Spread the word and the whole town might show up again and who knows, Clint Eastwood might walk in or maybe even Roy Williams or Bob Knight….

  2. Why didn’t most of the schools in Guilford county move their games up to Thursday night? You could see the forecast, was it that important to wait on a Friday Night Gate? Some teams are now 2 games behind in conference play…..only two games got played in Guilford county last night….Dudley vs Smith and Grimsley vs. SEGH…..what were the AD’s thinking.

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