High School Basketball Tonight with Calvary Baptist at Unbeaten Greensboro Day School(29-0)

High School Basketball Tonight with Calvary Baptist at the Greensboro Day School….
Girls set for 5:30 and the boys at 7pm….Calvary Baptist boys at (13-6) and GDS(29-0), coming off of that BIG home win back on Saturday vs. HPCA…..


  1. I looked at the combined pole and what i dont understand is that some private schools schedule are better than public school’s and they were not up there. Now I can honestly say that New Hope Christian and New Garden play a very competitive schedule. New Hope actually competes with teams that these schools has no chance of beating. I think you’re underestimating them

  2. We have New Hope girls ranked at #1 in the private school girls poll…

    We cover New Hope girls like a blanket and we cover NGFS boys strong too….

    They send us info….We get no pub from New Hope boys program and I go by MaxPreps and check on them every week….

    It is hard to question my polls….People all over town call me the ‘Poll Man’…..

  3. The New Hope girls are the new deal but their boys are not on the same level even though they do play good competition. The New Garden boys have some talent but many of their games are against poorly organized teams. The New Garden girls only have 3 players and most of the teams on their schedule would lose to the better middle teams. Give them credit for playing a few teams like New Hope but I would not give them credit for a tough schedule.

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