New Garden Friends Basketball In Action Tuesday, January 29

The New Garden Friends girls and boys will be in action at home Tuesday evening.

The Bears girls will take on the High Point Home School Educators at 5:30

The Bears boys team will host Christian Faith Center Academy of Creedmoore immediately following the girls game.

Submitted by David Secor

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  1. I still do not understand why the local public and private schools will not play NGFS. This is a strong up and coming program that will be very sucessful over time. Both the girls and boys programs are handled by adults who really care about young people and their development and they are building their program the right way.

    Their girls are very good even though the N&R decided not to include them in its top 10. Believe me, they are that good and then some. The boys are developing and when they get completely healthy will be very good. Watch out for them next year. The boys record is deceiving given the toughness of their schedule and the injury bug. This crowd is not afraid to play anyone anywhere. They just need to get the local schools to scedule them. GDS is the only school in this area to play them.


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