Friday Night Basketball – February 1, 2013

Andy and the GreensboroSports Radio team will be at Greensboro Day for the Boys Varsity Game – The Internet Broadcast starts at 6:40 and can be heard here and at the Greensboro Day School Gym on 97.7 Stadium Radio.

Billy Zazour will be a the Grimsley vs Page game sending us reports and we’ll have those and other game scores (Send them to, or text them to 336-303-1217.)

Girls Basketball
Page – 83
Grimsley – 23

Southern Guilford – 37
Ledford – 69

Southeast – 41
Southern Alamance – 49

Boys Basketball
Final Overtime
Christ School – 91
Greensboro Day – 84

Grimsley – 43
Page – 71


  1. Grimsley girls haven’t been good since trumae and that squad left. Good game by the Lady Pirates. Good game by the Page men basketball team as well. Grimsley is no competition. Feels good to be a Page Alumni.

  2. SW Guilford 93
    Ragsdale 70

    Ragsdale actually missed two shots half way through the third that would have given them the lead. Next thing you know they are down 9 then 14 then 20.

    The Leach kid is really good. Not sure how many he had but it was a bunch.

    Always a fun crowd at a Ragsdale – SWG game

  3. Boys:
    Mount Tabor 73 Davie County 55
    Reynolds 73 North Davidson 54
    Wesleyan Christian 93 Cavalry Baptist 53
    Southwest Guilford 93 Ragsdale 70
    High Point Christian 86 Forsyth County Day 51
    Reagan 66 West Forsyth 54
    East Forsyth 82 Parkland 59
    Christ School 91 Greensboro Day 84
    Central Davidson 62 Thomasville 60

    Asheboro 69 North Forsyth 27
    Southwest Guilford 57 Ragsdale 29
    Page 83 Grimsley 23
    Reynolds 70 North Davidson 56
    Bishop McGuinness 61 Winston-Salem Prep 48
    Mount Tabor 59 Davie County 45
    Reagan 46 West Forsyth 42
    Thomasville 80 Central Davidson 71
    Southern Alamance 49 Southeast Guilford 41
    Winston-Salem Prep 91 Bishop McGuinness 35

  4. Yes I loved the full Page band. Page students sitting on the vistor side, the Hoochie Mama Halftime show, and the Page Refs. Also a performance in front of our bench after the game. Stay cl’assy’ Page…your day will come.

  5. @Gfan and You forgot to mention how classy your student section was!!! You would think after 4 yrs of Carter Stanley the Grimsely students would know that just makes him go that much harder!!!! And your gonna be waiting awhile for that day to come in basketball and football!!!!! So I’ll take our “hoochie mama halftime show” AND “that cl’ assy whoopin your whirlies took 2nite”!

  6. @forgot something– If you wanna call someone out on their “classiness” you might want to exhibit some of your own. And I’ve never heard of Cater Stanley… Carter Stanley maybe…? I think you’ve taken quite a few of those hoochie mama halftime shows…

  7. @Jman….. u know who I was talking bout! Yes CaRter Stanley! And I wasn’t there for the “Hoochie Mama” halftime show, I was there for that “Basketball Clinic” that was put on last night!

  8. Disappointed to lose that first game, but we were out hustled and out coached last night. I would have posted last night to acknowledge our defeat, but I went drinking with the boys for the 1st time in years—a good night overall.

  9. We are pro Carter Stanley here so we will not tolerate anything bad being said about him or his teammates or for that matter the opposing team…

    Carter Stanley plays the game the way the game is supposed to be played, with all-out hustle and effort and he exemplifies what a true student-athlete is supposed to be…

    Fans for the other team will not like Carter Stanley because he is a winner…

    We all want to taste the element of success that comes with victories and he has been living off of that success for the past four years and he earned it….

    First time I ever saw the kid in a game he was hitting the floor for a loose ball and that sums it up right there….

    From those that I talked to, last night was a ‘fun’ night at Page with a great turnout and the games may not have gone the way some may have wanted, but if you find the keys, the gym doors can be opened somewhere…

    New day and back to work….

    Good job Grimsley and good job Page and your first meeting in baseball is just about 5 weeks away…Time to be thinking about that one too…

    Support your teams but last night’s game is gone and you will never have a chance to win the next one if you don’t start preparing for it now…..

  10. Boys Basketball
    Final Overtime
    Christ School – 84
    Greensboro Day – 91

    GDS Lost to Christ School

  11. Anthony Eaves has really elevated his game and was on fire last night! TY struggled w/ his shot and seems like he is forcing the action a little too much. He finally hit a couple late threes when game over or he would have been blanked. Kylia Sykes is as fun to watch as anybody on the team and he gave the loud Pirates a big thrill when he got the ball mid court on a breakout and drove hard to the basket w/ a Whirlie on him and threw it down and got fouled on play. Very young team that is really playing well. Gavin is going to have improve the FT’s if Pirates are going keep playing late in the season.

  12. Page is going to be good for a loooooooong Time…Sykes, Eaves, Graves, Xavier….Good luck to you all when your Seniors leave! See you next year, this year, and the next 3 years…LOL, Pirates!!!!!

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