Game Report: New Hope Christian Academy vs. Quality Education Boys Basketball

New Hope Christian Academy overcame a 3rd quarter deficit of 21 points to come back and beat Quality Education on the road in Winston Salem 75-71.

The Phoenix boys was lead by Deshaun Williams with 25 points.

Also Malick dime added 13pts 8 Rebs 5 blks

Ryan Johnson 18
Kai shaw 9
Carlos rankin 6
Nolan Gerald 4

Submitted by coach Toby Williams


  1. Clearly the girls program at New Hope if greater but maybe the boys program is not bad either. I did not think they were good enough to beat a team like Quality Education.

  2. Everybody sleeps on new hope and they are a very great team and has high major guys on the team

  3. “Blessed Be” everyone with the negative comments cause that team has my cousin on it and he is clearly a high major player

    Edited for profanity

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