Looking back on Notes from last night’s Super Bowl:You make the call the day after the BIG game!

Just a few final notes from last night’s game….

Was there holding on that last offensive play that the 49ers ran with just about 2 minutes left in the game? Sure looked like it….

Did the delay kill any of the interest in the game? There must have been about a 30-45 minute delay going on there and it didn’t seem to hurt San Francisco, they seemed to come back and get their game going after the LONG pause….*****In the end, the delay may have helped the game, again, it sure did something for San Fran….The power surge/delay will end of being one of the most talked about aspects of the Super Bowl….Bet on it, but it may be too late for that….*****

Will the game help Joe Flacco in finalizing his new contract? They say he will sign his deal and it will bring him $20 million(dollars) per year…Sounds good to me….

Does the Super Bowl make the Harbaugh Brothers the top coaches in the NFL now? I would say no, there are two or three others still ranked ahead of them…I can think of one up in New England that still owns those rights…

Now that the game is over, do you feel differently about Ray Lewis? I feel he still has that incident that happened in Atlanta hanging over his head, and we were hearing last week that he had fathered six children with four different women and not sure if they were all wives or not, but that is not the direction that you want your leaders of the future going….Maybe or maybe not, it is not my call, but you might have the say so here, if you want….