Phoenix Gater Tryouts coming to the Spears YMCA

The Boy’s Phoenix Gater Tryouts will be held at the Spears YMCA on the following dates:

Tryout Dates

6th Grade

February 11,2013 6:30 PM Spears YMCA

February 16,2013 4:00 PM Spears YMCA

February 18,2013 6:30 PM Spears YMCA

7th Grade

February 16,2013 5:00PM Spears YMCA

February 18,2013 7:30PM Spears YMCA

February 21,2013 7:00PM Spears YMCA

8th Grade

February 16,2013 6:00PM Spears YMCA

February 18,2013 8:30PM Spears YMCA

February 21,2013 8:00PM Spears YMCA

For more information, please contact Greg Williams at 336 430 9689.


  1. I thought Phoenix and Gater’s were competition to each other. Did these groups merge together?

  2. Yup they had to. Losing to many kids to cp3 and team Felton. Along with court generals, warriors etc

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