Congratulations are in order for the Mendenhall Mustangs Girls Basketball Team

Congratulations to Mendenhall Mustangs Girls Basketball

The Mendenhall Mustangs girls basketball team beat Kiser yesterday 52-32 clinching the Conference Championship for the 3rd year in a row. Campbell Kargo also scored her 300th Middle School point in a game last week and had 41 points last night in the victory over Kiser. Congrats to the Lady Mustangs who have one game left, Wednesday against Aycock.


  1. I am not sure why 300 pts in a middle school “career” is seen as a bench mark. Scoring 41 is impressive but if you are the only “real player” on your team, then that only says that you may be shooting most of the shots. I know of a lot of girls that scored over 300 pts in middle school basketball and 1 right at 450 pts but it was never put out as a big deal.

  2. Did you play football somewhere on Sunday??? Cause it sounds like you did and you got hit in the head…

    There are many players out there that would love to be in that ‘Elite’ 300 point club and if you hit for 300 for three straight years you would be right at 1,000 points and although they only let you play 2 years at the Middle School level, 300 points is very big….

    Take away the 300 points and the 300-point player and chances are you don’t win any titles….

    Great accomplishment and Mendenhall keeps on winning and congrats to them for that…..

    Page has to be liking that pipeline that they are building underneath Cone Blvd. coming in from Mendenhall and that is sure a good thing for the Lady Pirates….

    Great job Mendenhall and those that aren’t willing to congratulate are just jealous….

    This is kids basketball and kids enjoy winning and they enjoy scoring too and you have to score more than the opponent to win the games….

    I sure with our coach would have let us shoot more….

    I averaged 5 per game back in the day in Junior High/Middle School and that was five closely guarded calls forced per game and maybe I might hit four free throws and I wouldn’t have got those, but they were FREE….

    Enjoy your Middle School years and keep on shooting….One day the game will be over and you better enjoy it now….

  3. I was at gds middle school girls vs mendenhall. Campbell kargo had 6 points I believe. And they lost badly to a team that isnt very good either outside of one player as well. I heard a lot about her but wasn’t impressed. I coached middle school basketball. We never kept up with career points. Parents do if they want. Congrats to kargo on 41 points. But I’m going to assume she shot 30+ times to get it. Shot a bunch against gds, they just didn’t go in. Guess they went in that night. Good for her.

  4. Sounds like Kargo might have had an off day against GDS, but in the grand scheme of things she will be real good…

    Got to think when the Kargo sisters team up at Page they will do real well….

    A real professional coach is not going sit back and talk junk about a kid from his team or another team either way….

    That is not the way that profession works, maybe some kid who is helping out a team but not a real coach….That does not make any sense at all….Not professional by any stretch and not from a coach that has any future in the business….

    Don’t think you would hear the Mendenhall coach talking any junk or the opposing coach from Monday’s game eiither, that is not the way it is done….

    I can see somebody getting the axe in the long run for this one if a real member from the GDS coaching found about it….That is not the way it is done by real coaches or by adults…..

    Good job Mendenhall and the post does have much merit….

    Lots of jealousy out there, and sadly that is part of the game….

  5. Not talking junk at all? You must have took it the wrong way. I told you I watched that game because I happened be at the school that day. I have no affiliation with the school. Did I say she was a bad player? No. Did I say she scored 6 points and I wasn’t impressed. Yes. I don’t find that to be talking junk. And I apologize you took it that way. Maybe when I said neither team was really good? Most middle school girls teams have soccer players and kids playing for fun. I played the game. A long time. 41 points is tough in any league or any level. I apologize you took my post in a negative way. I didn’t post to be negative nor praise 41 points. Just giving an insight from another game.

  6. However it gets taken, we are here to look out for the kids and respect the game that they are playing and we hope that they all can play that game for a long time….

  7. Seems like this site is becoming a meeting place for those looking to nitpick the Kargo girls’ game. I’m sure if the girls were to save someone from a burning building, people would complain the fire wasn’t all that hot. The Kargo sisters work their butts off, play hard, and carry themselves like the fine young ladies they have become. If anyone knows anything about basketball, they will recognize what talented players both are. Not only do they get it done on the court, they get it done in the classroom. I’m sure either will just as easily get an an academic scholarship as they will an athletic scholarship. They are both exemplary examples of student athletes. Critics need to get a grip & shelve the jealousy.

  8. This is not a jealousy statement nor one that needs a grip but the original question was “is 300 pts the benchmark for greatness?”. Nobody has even addressed that issue. What is the benchmark for high school – 1000 pts, 1500 pts or what? There have been several girl players listed or talked about on this site over the years that were proehlific scorers in middle school and they have continued to be great players in high school. I am sure this Kargo player is a very good player and she should take pride in leading the team in scoring. Hopefully she can continue it at Page with her sister.

  9. Someone stated that this is simply jealous nitpicking of the Kargo player but whoever submitted the post to should consider what was submitted. The posting said it was basically honoring Mendenhall on winning 3 years in a row but most of the posting focused on Cargo scoring 300 pts for the career and 41 for the game. So who is being honored – the team or Kargo? Did anyone have 5, 6 or 8 assist to help get to 41 pts? Did anyone get 6 or 7 rebounds to help start the fast break? That Kiser team is not exactly the best defensive team in the land. Tell me what is scored when you play a “good team” and share some credit with the team in future postings not put out by the coach and less people will call you out.

  10. More power to Mendenhall and not sure why there is such an uproar…Take it in stride and get ready for the next game…

    Why make such a big deal on this…If you are in it for the team, the team well and no need to overanalyze the success of the team or the player….

    Have fun with it and roll on….By the next game, what happened yesterday will be long gone and we should too…

    Plenty of other topics to look at and talk about like tonight’s games….

    Congrats to the players and to Mendenhall….

    Love the game and enjoy it and respect it too….

    If you don’t have a basketball in your back seat right now or in your trunk do you have a true dog in the pack???

    Love the game…..

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