Game Report: Wesleyan hangs on to beat Greensboro Day

HIGH POINT – Theo Pinson wasn’t fazed by the pressure.

Pinson led Wesleyan Christian Academy to a 58-47 home victory over Greensboro Day School by making 11 of 12 free throws down the stretch.

Although Greensboro day stopped Pinson from scoring from the field for the final three quarters of the game, he got involved in other ways. Making precision passes, and great defense allowed Wesleyan to pull away late, and hang on to the win.

Greensboro Day School stuck right with Wesleyan and battled back late in rd to make it a two point game, before failing to convert on four straight free the 3 throws. From that point it was back and forth, and Wesleyan converted, where Greensboro day did not.

Pinson lead all scorers with 18 points, Christian Hairston was the leading scorer for Greensboro Day finishing with 10 points.

This is only Greensboro Day’s second loss of the season, the other coming in their previous game against Christ School (Arden, N.C.).

Wesleyan and Greensboro day split the series so far this year. In the first meeting between these two teams, Greensboro Day won at home 50-40.

Greensboro Day will try to bounce back in their next game against Calvary Baptist Day on Friday in Winston Salem. Wesleyan plays Forsyth County Day on
Friday at home.


  1. It’s funny how no one has nothing to say about WESLEYAN beating the crap out of GREENSBORO DAY!!!!! Congrats to WCA way to go and get the win at y’all place.

  2. @lol you so right. If I can remember GDS fans slandered our kids and the coaches. But it was nothing like watching their coaches faces as they watch Wesleyan players and coaches destroy GDS

  3. Wesleyan split with GDS and beat HP Christian 2x. Wesleyan has the most talent in the state. They should win these games is why in my opinion no one has anything to say.

  4. Go ahead an beat your chest today WES. Now you will be the hunted instead of the hunter. Let’s see how you deal with the bulls eye on your chest. The regular does not have any real games left for you, GDS has 1 battle left and HPC still have GDS and Christ School to go. It is setting up for a WES vs Christ School and GDS vs HPC semi-finals in the states and obviously the champion will come from the winner of those two games. It is yours to lose WES – can you complete the task in Charlotte ?

  5. Wesleyan has been the hunted all year long. The bullsye has been on there chest all year long even with the first lost to GDS. They get everyones best game. The scary thing is they did not play there best game last night. They played well in spurts. There superior quickness and talent just wore down GDS last night. GDS will have to play an a very good game (like they did the first time) and Wesleyan will have to play a bad game (like they did the first time) for GDS to win. It will be interesting to see the results or the HPCA/GDS game next week. After watching both teams play multiple times I think HPCA is the second best team behind Wesleyan, just have to finish off teams.

  6. So true. Gds beating Wes had like 30 comments on the thread. This has a fraction of that. I don’t care who wins. Just wondering why Wes doesn’t get praise for winning. After all, they did beat “the #9 ranked team.”

  7. GDS had an off night..Bad tournovers, missed opportunities on offense, too many bad fouls(how many free throws did WES have), and still only lost by 11…The games was really closer than that for three+ quarters…So, if they play their cards right, finish out HPC, get a good seed for Charlotte and on a neutral floor, GDS will be fine, just like last year in the State playoffs…WES fans calm down, I have seen all the teams as well, and the coaching staff at GDS, the senior players at GDS and of course the fans at GDS are the best in the area…

  8. It is funny how some fans want to remember the past. True there are not nearly as many posting after this game was when GDS beat WES but let’s think about the bulk of the postings several weeks ago. Nearly 4 out of 10 postings were of WES fans bashing their head coach Keith G. “He can’t coach”, “He got out coached again by Freddy”, “His style of play is too this or that”, “If we had a real coach”, etc.. I have not heard one GDS fan call out the head coach Freddy J. today. So it is very simple, GDS has fans that will stick with you from the beginning to the end but the WES fanbase is the so called “fair weather fans”. I will take the GDS crowd any day over the nutty fans of WES that can’t wait to boo you when times are bad.

  9. to answer your question “basketball fan”, from the official books GDS had 12/18 free throws shooting 67%. WCA had 15/19 shooting 79%. but GDS cant get away with shooting 35% from the field at 15/43 and WCA shooting 20/38 or 53%. and as far as GDS having an “off night”? youre comparing them to their “ON” nights against what competition? WCA had been handed 3 of 5 losses to nationally ranked teams in St. John Bosco of CA, Lone Peek of UT and most importantly Andrew Wiggins Huntington Prep by 4. so come Charlotte the team that have fought the real battles will show under the pressure.

  10. Has GDS ever faced Oak Hill Academy, like Dudley, Northern Guilford, R.J. Reynolds and G.W. Danville have in the past ? I would love to see that match up.

  11. @wesleyan student

    Thanks for the update, and proves how GDS had and off night like I said, but give credit to WES for playing well on D, and capitalizing on the mistakes…You also forgot to mention in your list of “nationally ranked team” losses, another came at the hands of the Greensboro Day School Bengals my friend, who were ranked 9th…Remember that loss? And oh by the way, it was the largest margin of defeat, by either one of the “nationally ranked teams” you mentioned..GDS destroyed you last month….So get your facts straight….See you in Charlotte….

  12. @basketball fan. maxpreps is not recognized as a national rankings forum so that point is invalid. also I do recall gds losing to Christ school in over time who Wesleyan beat 2 times in one week. One of which being in a much better holiday tournament then gds competed in. But that must have been an off night also for gds. ill be there Tuesday and in Charlotte so see you there.

  13. I love this person@ Wesleyan student you’re exactly right every time GDS loses its an excuse ( off night ) COME ON yea yea WCA lost the 1st matchup but guess what they had a off night @ basketball fan. I know if HPCA come to play and finish GDS this time an OFF NIGHT is not going to be problem. Lol!!!! See-ya in Charlotte. Smh lol “off night” lol lets go WCA!!

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