Who are the Top Five Players(Boys and Girls basketball) Ever from the Greensboro Day School?????[Best Bengals Ever]

Who are the Top Five Players Ever from the Greensboro Day School?????
(This is the last installment in our Series of Top Five Players Ever in Guilford County.)

The Top Five Boys and Girls Basketball Players Ever for the Bengals from Greensboro Day School?????

Who are your Top Five Players Ever to come out of the Greensboro Day School?

We started up with this idea/list a few weeks back and our plan was to keep it rolling for a few weeks and we tried to include every one of the local Guilford County area high schools, and we did and couple more too…

Top Five Basketball Players for Greensboro Day School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we have done all of the Guilford County Schools during the past two-three weeks…

Greensboro Day School Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Khadejah Wilkerson, Mekia Valentine, Ronata Rogers, Tamera Thorpe, Caroline Spurr and most of the girls players will be recent players, since this program has just really started to take off, under the leadership of Coach John Carty..….We have listed a few and now you can give us your TOP Five…Got names to get you rolling….Who are you TOP FIVE?????
Recent or are you going to the past?????

Greensboro Day School Boys Top Five All-Time?????
Thomas Roberts, KJ Garland, Steven Rush, Todd Lineberry, Kevin McCoy, Javan Mitchell, Julian London, Ricky Barakat, Dee Fuller, DK Krushevluhnan, maybe my favorite name of all and good sports name, ‘Monte Bumper’, and we’ll hold there and what about your five you want to leave….Who do you include, any currents????? Who else should be on this list of…Just dropping some names to get you started…..Maybe you have a few more to go along with these…..We could add more to the list…Reggie Dillard, JT Terry, Jalen Ross, Alan Fox, Reed lucas, Christian Hairston, Montrell Goldston or others….Our last list so we have left a few more names on the table than usual…..Give us your ‘Best’ shot….


  1. Andy, I really do wonder if you are on drugs with some of your posts, I mean just look at some of the names you put on your list for consideration. Your even thought about adding Julian London, Brent Halsch, and Drew Rendleman. LOL!!!!

  2. Plenty of names to get the discussion going and Julian London played at The Citadel and that is not chopped liver….

    Let the names begin and games begin….

    Some of these guys and girls will be glad that their was remembered….

    I know more local sports names than anyone that has ever lived here and I plan to put them all on one list one day and Mike Crabtree will be on that list….Just a few more names to go, but if you read correctly you would have seen that this was our last list and therefore the long list of names and be sure to ask Kevin and Julian if it bothered them that their names were on here and I think they will say that they are glad to be remembered…

    Just like someone added Justin Gainey and I always forget Justin cause he wasn’t at GDS for real long haul….I interviewed him the night he had his GDS jersey retired and Herb Sendek was there, I knew them all at one time or another….

  3. Justin Gainey
    Thomas Roberts
    Johnny Thomas
    Steven Rush
    Wayne Robinson. How is he not on your lists? He played in the NBA.
    JT Terry might be on the list just because he is such a winner. He might have more wins than any other GDS player ever? Five years of varsity. That would be an interesting question.
    I think there are probably more talented players but not sure if there are any that played as hard every night.

  4. Good call on Wayne Robinson…Hard to remember all of those from the past…Their names don’t come up that much any more…

    Good calls…

  5. Had this discussion with some friends just a couple weeks ago. Resounding support for Justin Gainey, Johnny Thomas, Thomas Roberts, Wayne Robinson, but I do not know who I would put in the 5th spot. There have been other great players to come through GDS. A lot of names have been mentioned, but here are a few more to consider: Jason Capel was on team as a middle schooler, Aaron McMillan went to WFU before transferring to Old Dominion, Brent Halsch went to HPU, KJ Garland to UNCA, Kenny Miller to UNCG, BJ Grinage to VMI, Steve Rush to NCATSU, among others.

  6. GAINEY started for 3 years. His sophomore year with London running the point and him playing off the ball. He ran point his junior and senior year. He is the best player to play at GDS.

  7. Paul Andreson should be on the list for hitting the two free throws to win the Little Four. Jeff Yurcisin would also be either #1 or #1B. Dee Fuller never played a single minute of varsity BBall (without whining or complaining) so he is not on my list.

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