Thinking about a ‘Baseball List’:Lots of names and don’t forget Graham Sporting Goods, your baseball supplier too!

With the weather looking great outside today, you think it’s time to begin looking at the upcoming high school baseball season???

Guilford is going, Greensboro College is playing, GTCC got rolling last weekend and UNCG is set to open their season at home (Friday Feb. 15) against Army, so with all of that happening, it is hard to put the soon-to-be baseball season out of your head, or your mind for that matter…

The high school coaches are counting down to the first day they can hit the field for real and that day now only about one week away….

Don’t forget Graham Sporting Goods this season…They have all your equipment, gear and uniforms ready for you…Gloves, batting gloves, shoes, socks, they are the ‘Kings of Stirrups’ and say that for real, plus they have jersey’s, pants, bats, balls, warmup gear, everything you need for this baseball season is at Graham Sporting Goods, just off of West Wendover Avenue, or you can find them direct at….Dean, Susan and Alex Harrison will be there for you and Kevin C. will be there too if you need him…

And for that list just think about all of these names that we plan to see this season and I will leave some out, always do, but not intentional, just hard to remember them all…Here are a few to get us going and feel free to add to list and it is for FREE…Save your money for Graham Sporting Goods, your baseball stop and backstop(stop back in again) this season….

On the list and high school baseball should be only one week away…

From High Point Andrews(Randy Norris) and he can get this list started, as a starting pitcher today/tonight…And we also have from HP Andrews:
Nick Chadmon
Qualin Price
Justin Lea
Christian Wilcotts
Blake Compton
Damarius Crawford
Cody Jones
Ryan Williams
Devon Underwood
*****Plus all of these players and more arriving soon….*****

Will Johnson(High Point Central)
Josh Wilson(High Point Central)
Tyler Wilson(High Point Central)
Trevor Gay(High Point Central)
Colin Fowler(High Point Central)
Lucas Hess(High Point Central)
The ace pitcher from HP Central…(Hansen Butler)

Lots of HP Central players in honor of Greg Johnson, our ole’ Central sports man that died back in December and this year, Paul Douglas will have to keep us informed….

Elijah Harris(Dudley)….I know we will have some Dudley players to add to the list even though they lost Corey Kimber, Brandon Burkes, Rick Powell and more…

Adam Foster(Western Guilford)
John Iorio(Western Guilford)
Reid Flippin(Western Guilford)
Nino Marrero(Western Guilford)
Keith Anderson(Western Guilford)
Andrew King(Western Guilford)

Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford)

Austin Peoples(Northeast Guilford)
Jacob Watkins(Northeast Guilford)
Calen Canady(Northeast Guilford) Craig’s son and I wonder how close I got to the correct spelling on my first attempt of the season…

Adam Swim(Northwest Guilford)
Colson Everett(Northwest Guilford)
Greyson Evans (Northwest Guilford)
Jackson Bellenkes (Northwest Guilford)
Jesse Juday (Northwest Guilford)
Marcus Shoemaker (Northwest Guilford)
Hunter Allen(Northwest Guilford)
Richie Sanfillipo(Northwest Guilford)

Camden Ball(Southern Guilford)
Evan Edwards(Southern Guilford)

Colin Lipke(Ragsdale)
Matt Horkey(Ragsdale)
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)
Zach Hodges(Ragsdale)…He might be gone, but he is on my early list, in a guess.)
Ceasar Trejo(Ragsdale)

Matt Orth(Southwest Guilford)…..Might be wrong, but should be the TOP player in the area this season…..
Austin Zente(Southwest Guilford)
Andrew Bullock(Southwest Guilford)
Matt ‘Doc’ Dale(Southwest Guilford)
Zach Saylor(Southwest Guilford)
Justin Nuttle(Southwest Guilford)

Ryan Hackett(Eastern Guilford)
Luke Robinson(Eastern Guilford)
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford)
Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford)

Jordan Putnam(Page)
Carter Stanley(Page)
Nick Schofield(Page)
Brandon Nall(Page)

Jake Simpson(Grimsley)
Kyle Smith(Grimsley)
Garrison Stafford(Grimsley)
Cole Leonard(Grimsley)
Zach LaBranche(Grimsley)

Cody Ezzell(Southeast Guilford)
Ryne Stanley(Southeast Guilford)
Carmine Pagano(Southeast Guilford)
Josh Blackwell (Southeast Guilford)
Zach Canada (Southeast Guilford)
Cameron Gardner (Southeast Guilford)
Devon Sweet (Southeast Guilford)
Will Greene(Southeast Guilford)

Brock Deatheridge(Western Alamance)
Blake Deatheridge(Western Alamance)

Zack Littel(Eastern Alamance)

Houston Miller(Vandalia Christian School)

Clay Young(Caldwell Academy)

Myles Sowell(Westchester Country Day School)
Markel Johnson(WCD)
Donnie Sellers(WCD)
Nate Blakeney(WCD)
Tyler Marion(WCD)
Tyler Chilton(WCD)

*****Add some to this list for us and I will try and add in some names tomorrow…Sorry for any teams or names that I left off or out, but that is all I’ve got in this outing….*****


  1. Yep, you’re wrong…heard on the vine yesterday that Matt Orth was scheduled for surgery on his arm and will be out 9 months. Guess UNC wanted it done before he got there?

  2. Yes, it appears Orth may be lost for the season. Will be confirmed next week. In the meantime, everyong on the SW team will have to step up their game to fill some mighty big shoes. Sr RHP Matt Dale had a 6-2 record and an ERA under 1 last year. There are a number of kids on the team, including Zach Saylor and Justin Nuttle that will be given the opportunity to show what they can do on the big stage. How the Cowboys do this year depends on how they come together as a team.

  3. Well if Mo is going on the shelf, then who now becomes the Top Player in our area as we enter the 2013 season and that sure sounds like a tough was to close out your Senior Season….

    We shall see how this all goes down and Mo could have sure used this last year in high school to impress some of those that would be looking on from the next level beyond college….

  4. look for Andrew King WG to surprise a lot of people this year. Tall lefty can bring it! Looks like a young Cole Hamels.

    Central looks loaded!

    What is word on Carter Williams? Did he enroll at NEG? Saw him working out south of town w/ Mr. Tobias. He has a beautiful stroke and can fly the bases! Pretty good in the middle as well. Watch out for this kid.

  5. Adam Swim (NWG) Sen.
    Greyson Evans (NWG) Sen.
    Jackson Bellenkes (NWG) Jun.
    Colson Everett (NWG) Jun.
    Jesse Juday (NWG) Jun.
    Marcus Shoemaker (NWG) Jun.

  6. Saylor will be SWG ace if Orth is out. Cobble will also shine Zente and Bullock will lead the way at the plate.

  7. Josh Blackwell (SEG)
    Zach Canada (SEG)
    Cameron Gardner (SEG)
    Devon Sweet (SEG)

    Our top nine are going to be hard to beat

  8. Greg Johnson will be missed by many, he was a great guy and a kind man. He loved sports and especially baseball and HPC. I would love to see this HPC team play hard for a man who loved to watch them roll.
    Good Luck this season HPC!

  9. Hunter Allen (NWG) back this season after tommy john surgery should have a major impact on their infield as well as the addition of a solid bat. I saw him play this summer and was impressed. NWG has a solid bunch

  10. Looking at some of these comments about the SW baseball team…..hope Matt Dale can do what he did last and thats carry the pitching staff. Throw the rest of them in a hat….if your counting on a senior pitcher who played JV as a junior and a junior who is an average JV pitcher , SW is in big trouble!!

  11. Well, the back and forth is already starting in the Piedmont Triad conference! Really does look like a dogfight this year with 6 (well, maybe 5) teams fighting for 4 playoff spots. Probably as evenly matched as it has been in years. Quality players on every squad. No matter what all these so called experts say, the kids will decide it on the fields. Yes, SW has some holes to fill in their lineup but they have quality kids and an excellent coaching staff. I would not be surprised if they aren’t in the thick of things when it’s all over. Good luck to all the teams and lets hope all these young men stay healthy.

  12. Who is going to rule the Metro this year? Who is going to make it to the playoffs? SA, SEG, WG, then who? Should be another interesting year in the Metro just as it sounds interesting the Piedmont. Gotta love it!

  13. Disappointing to hear Orth may need surgery. I enjoy watching him pitch. When he is on its really fun to watch even as an opposing fan. I hope his possible surgery is not ulna or labrum. Either of those take much longer than 9 months to recover. To get back to throwing is one thing; to get back to your old form is about 2 years. Hopefully his surgery is something minor. I hate this for him. Hate to see a kid miss his senior year, especially when this is his only sport. Hang in there Matt. Better days ahead.

  14. SEG should dominate the Metro. Their program is on a roll down there. Good coaching, kids that are preparing themselves in the off season (several at Carolina Acceleration), and a talent pool to pull from in Pleasant Garden.

  15. My pick for the surprise team in the area is HP Central. Coach works them hard in the off season and having Butler and Gay on the mound is a tough 1-2 punch. Not saying they will win the conference, (they might) but they will be a top 5 team in the area. Great job by their coach turning that program around. Just think if they had Clemson commit Weston Wilson.

  16. coach morgan is a good friend and he has turned that program around and i cant be more happy for him. he has some great kids and a good parent base and i wish him all the luck this year. except against my team.yes he would be really good if he had the wilson kid he is a talent . with him and butler,gay wow what a line -up. good luck to coach morgan and his players you are now officially cosidered a good team instead a under the radar team. everyone knows they have to come to play you now. throw those number one and two no more 3,4,5 against

  17. Northwest Guilford also has added Ritchie Sanfillipono formerly of Caldwell Academy. Ritchie was the TAC 2A Conference player of the year and was also named to the NCISAA 2A All State. He is a really good pitcher and hitter who led Caldwell to the state finals last year.

  18. You are forgetting Will Greene on the SEG list above? Very good pitcher and outfielder and hits with power. One of the few besides Cody and Sweet to get varsity experience last year. Dang good quarterback too.

    SEG will be tough to beat as usual. Southern Alamance will be very strong. Don’t forget they are the returning conference champs from last year.

  19. Look for Evan Edwards SG to have big year. This youngster can ball! Lefty hits it a long way!

    Brandon Nail PHS is a top player for Pirates.

    Ceasar Trejo for Ragsdale Started some as freshman last year. Dangerous hitter

    Is Myles Sowell still with DHS?

  20. To kIR
    To answer your question Myles Sowell doesn’t go to Dudley he is now at Westchester Country Day School. WCDS will be very good with him, Markel Johnson, Donnie Sellers, Nate Blakeney, Tyler Marion, Tyler Chilton and many other great weapons.

  21. re wcds:
    That will be a tough team to beat! That’s got to be one of the speediest outfields around. That’s some beef in the middle of the order w/ Marion, Blakeneny, and Sellars

  22. Rumor has it that Zach Saylor has really worked hard in the off season and is now throwing 84 with a major league curve ball.

  23. cowboy fan no disrespect but 84 and a major league curve ball doesnt go well together. not taking away from the player but there are alot of pitchers throwing 84 and have a great curve ball ,change up,slider,fast ball etc.but the real question is will he be able to throw strikes????

  24. Sw man…..84 & mlb curve ball. Try about 78-79 ok curve ball . Far from an ace. Throws BP!
    Butler will carry HPC….not sold on rest of staff and sticks.

  25. Alex, David Dean will be a huge asset to the cowboys this year. He has been working out with the Princeton baseball team over the summer. He has brought his fastball up to 92mph. He will be a key player for the cowboys.

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