High School high scorers from this week’s games

Today for the basketball scorers we will have the cut-off at 12 points for the girl’s high scorers and for the boys it will be 15 points….This list keeps people looking and talking, so enjoy….

Girls high scorers:
Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford) 27 points
Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford) 25 points
Hollie Boggs(Southern Alamance) 24 points
Santia Davis(High Point Andrews) 23 points
Briana Burgins(Southwest Guilford) 22 points
Keniece Purvis(New Garden Friends School) 22 points
Paris Kea(Page) 20 points
Kayla Johnson(Page) 19 points
Imani Watkins(High Point Andrews) 19 points
Destiny Timberlake(HP Andrews) 18 points
Cameron Nieters(Bishop McGuinness) 18 points
Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day School) 17 points
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 16 points
Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale) 15 points
Imani Atkinson(GDS) 14 points
Ashley Pollard(Vandalia) 14 points
Amanda Coffer(Northern Guilford) 13 points
Asia Milton(NGFS) 13 points

Boys high scorers:
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 34 points
Kevin Weckworth(Bishop McGuinness) 26 points
Marshall Macheledt(Caldwell Academy) 25 points
Sam Hunt(Dudley) 24 points
Mohammed Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 24 points
Lucas Bouknight(Grimsley) 23 points
Houston Miller(Vandalia) 23 points
Cody Hylton(Northwest Guilford) 22 points
Guy Pittman(Caldwell) 22 points
Rayshaun Mayfield(Grimsley) 21 points
Devan Gregory(Dudley) 20 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 19 points
Dairyon Matkins(Southern Alamance) 19 points
Jalen Gavin(Page) 17 points
Mike Bass(Southeast Guilford) 17 points
Nick Powell(NWG0 17 points
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 17 points
Diandre Overton(SEG) 17 points
Jackson Kent(High Point Christian) 17 points
Tyler Metcalf(VCS) 17 points
Jalen Burnett(Southern Alamance 17 points
Jason Thompson(High Point Central) 16 points
Edric Roberts(McMichael) 16 points
Bennie Butler(High Point Andrews) 16 points
Michael Hairston(HP Andrews) 16 points
James Stepp(Ragsdale) 15 points
Juwan Foggie(HP Central) 15 points
Jaray McCain(Northern Guilford) 15 points
TC Daniels(Vandalia) 15 points
Joey McLean(HPCA) 15 points
David Ayodele(Westchester) 15 points


  1. Didn’t see the box score on the SA-Grimsley game, but Hollie B. will soon be on the list…

    Thanks and anybody else from that game with 12 or more points….

  2. Lets see, We are 22-1 and will be tied with Dudley 15-7 in your polls. What a joke. We should be #1.Furlough Coach of the Year in the area and Cofer Player of the year.

  3. Hey…..NG, if you knew anything about basketball, you would know why Dudley should be ranked higher than your Nighthawks….it’s called STRENGHT OF SCHEDULE…..Dudley has only lost highly ranked teams in the state where your Nighthawks haven’t played anyone in the top 30……..

  4. Are you trying to say 22-1 does not speak volumes?
    Is Cofer not player of the year in the Area?
    Is Coach Furlough not Area Coach of the year?

    Do tell?
    Please give us a reason why not?

  5. Hey were are all those people who were giving Coach D.Jones and the Lady Pirates no love early in the season.After 20 games the Lady Pirates are 19-1 and Metro 4A Champs Congratulation for a Job Well Done. To the NG FAN yes you will be ranked under the Panthers. The 3A conference is not 4A and you got to beat all the Bigs in the area. Didn’t see you in the Holiday tournament. My Vote an I’m not a Page almun Coach D Jones Coach of the year 1st time since Lou Rochelli has the lady Pirates look this good and Paris Key Player of the Year.

  6. Turk

    Can you please explain how Coach Jones got Coach of the year last year as well as Paris conference player of the year?

  7. Last night Page had assistant coach Ron Hampton step up to stand in for assistant coach Chuck Seegars….The Page girls won the regular season last year if not mistaken and the vote for Player of the Year and Coach of the Year comes the Saturday after the regular season is completed and that vote should be coming this Saturday for this season…Player of the Year probably comes right down to Paris Kea and Shaylen Burnett(SA) and they are both Juniors, so we may see the same race again next year….Both outstanding players by the way…Coach Jones should be Coach of the Year again, again based on what the team has done in the regular season again this year…

    Page got great production last night from not only Paris, but from Kayla Johnson who had an outstanding game, plus help from Coleman, Barnes, Kargo and we need to give a BIG shout out to Hannah Pegram and Tiana Sherman for the job that they did, coming in off of the Page bench…

    The deepest Page has gone in the playoffs in recent years was back in 1997 when they were one game away from the State Championship Game, losing in the West Regional Finals to North Forsyth, up in Hickory at Lenior Rhyne College, back in those days, it was….

    Page was up by one point with just 15 seconds left in the game and then on an inbounds pass they threw the ball away and then fouled NF and the Vikings hit the one-and-one and won the game by one and that was it for Page…I think it might have been Coach Turner that was coaching Page that year…She did a good job and they had a good team too….

    Page has a very good team and a special team this season….

  8. @SA I can’t tell you how the Basketball minds who select Coach and Player of the Year make their selection,but I must say Paris Key is a very talented JUNIOR guard her game still need some work,but from what I have seen she is one of if not the best players in Guilford County. @Andy what about Asst. Coach Centerra Harris (coached at Randelman and Asheboro) since she showed up on Page’s campus the Post play of the Bigs inside have improved. The lady Pirates dominated the Holiday Tournament and with only one loss this team is more than just Jones and Seegars add Harris to the mix. She has a dedication and passion for both the game and the Kids. If you just take a few minutes to talk to her you find her to be concerned with the success of the girls on and off the court. Just ask Greensboro College about one of her former Bigs from Asheboro Alicia Burr.Well looking forward to the Conference Tournament,hope to see you there.

  9. I may have to agree that NG hasnt played the tough games as Dudley but they have a team full of aau players. As does Page, SA, SE, NW, SW. Page’s starting 5 play with some of the best aau teams in the state. Doesn’t take much coaching with that talent.
    NG has 2 players that play aau, and one of them is a freshman. With what they have, I find them very competitive and should be commended on an excellent season. The coaching staff has done a tremendous job with those girls. Did I mention they only have 9 players on the team? 22-1, 9 players

  10. @ Observation In the last few years I have watched AAU Basketball ruin some very talented baskettball players. Most AAU players have no manners and act as if they are owed something. Most of your good High School Coaches spend a large part of the season teaching good habits and teamwork. You say that most of these team are made up of AAU players well from what I see as a fan of basketball the only thing AAU coaches do is cloud the minds of kids and give them false hope.My question to AAU directors and Coaches is when will we see the fruits of your labor. In other words there should be a stream of player leaving this area going to D1 programs and producing, not being on the roster as freshman and then disappearing. We need to support our kids teach them fundamentals and stress success in the classroom as well as on the court.

  11. Coach Turk that may be true but we are speaking of the current aau players and the amount of them on a high school team. Most of the teams, Dudley, page, have more than 6 aau players. They play all year around against high talent. Teams like NG, do not have that same advantage but yet they prosper. When you have that many on one team, you’re supposed to win. Period.

  12. Coach Turk speaks the truth. I couldn’t agree more about AAU. I see very athletic kids who don’t have any fundamentals. I see parents and kids with unrealistic expectations. You can get by on the high school level with pure athleticism, but you are exposed on the next level when you are surrounded by equal talent. They get to college, don’t get playing time and then quit and/or transfer. We need the AAU coaches to teach fundamentals and we need the parents to find a stable AAU program and a good high school program and stick with it. Also, pick a college that is commensurate with your child’s talent.

  13. Some kids make the teams because they are athletic even though they can’t dribble or shoot.Its players in college now who can’t really play but are athletic and guess what they are going to school for free! I don’t feel like AAU mess up the kid games the kid do that on their own. Most AAU coaches see the kids 2 or 3 times a week at practice its up to the kids and parents to put in work or pay for a trainer to help them get better. AAU isn’t perfect and you have some good and bad coaches out there. @ the comment most AAU kids don’t have manners doesn’t have anything to do with AAU thats home traning!

  14. Tom

    I notice that you never mentioned anything about education in your last statement. Some kids choose schools that are more geared towards their vocation and what they want to be when the ball game is over. After all isn’t that paramount over everything else? Just check out some of the schools that girl athletes from this area have chosen and see what you come up with.

  15. Academics should always be the number one issue. When I was being recruited, the fact that I had good grades opened up many more basketball opportunities. We do have several girls from the area that have made very good choices on schools. We also have several kids from the area that are no longer in school because they did not pick the right school. I would like to think that the parents and kids put academics first, but I am very skeptical about that. As parents, we should want our kids to excel, but we should also be realistic.

  16. Lady Phoenix/Phoenix Ball get off the internet. I’m sure you were given orders to post that on here. Why would kargo leave the stealers to play for the phoenix? My child was filled with empty promises by the phoenix that she was a D1 player then was left out to dry when it was time to get recruited. I’m glad her high school coach stepped in and helped. So high school coaches matter.

  17. The coaches come from all over the country and they make an observation of what they see in a kids ability. Too often parents think their kids are DI when in reality they may be D3,NAIA, Juco or D2. If an offer did not come it had nothing to do with the organization. But we have put many out .

  18. Lady Phoenix specialize in putting players in college correct?. If my daughter wasnt a D1 player why was I told this by the coaches. Are you a phoenix coach or a parent? The blame is put on the players and parents when the aau coach doesnt keep the promises made to them. Coaches come all over the country to watch teams in these showcase events. Tell me what sets the phoenix apart from other programs in the area?

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