Proehlific Power Baseball Tryouts

Attention All High School Baseball Players:

Do you want to play baseball at the next level? Are you serious about becoming a better player? Are you looking for an elite training facility and access to college coaches and professional scouts? Look no further than Proehlific Park’s POWER Baseball Program. POWER Baseball is having a tryout for its 17U Showcase team on Sunday February 24th. The tryout will begin promptly at 1:00PM. All players will need to sign in and register before participating in the tryout. There will be a brief informational meeting immediately following the tryout. For more information, contact Head Coach Matt Shilling at or POWER Baseball Director Jeff Wilson at


  1. They have all these facilities but you cant use them, memebers get first dibs! When they had the cages, teams couldn’t use them because members had first shot or they rented them. Couldn’t use the turf in the winter because of soccer and flag football. What r u paying for?? Think Jeff has the right vision to lead a program, but doesn’t have the support. Look how many baseball directors they have had!!

  2. The park is real nice for basketball and soccer but nothing for baseball, except outdoor small fields. It would be hard for high school players to have a quality practice and definitely couldn’t hit. With the cages gone and the turf field always packed, they will have a hard time convincing players to join.

  3. All you say is true in that practice cannot be held at the facility but Matt and Jeff did a good job last summer using private school fields. Overall my son had a great experience. We enjoyed traveling and playing. Not so sure how many real looks he got but it is a high level of play and he saw quality pitching. Got to play on some pretty awesome fields too. Gotta get your hitting instruction and reps at the local batting center (GBC).

    Last I heard they had planned to add cages but look folks once you get through a few basic practices it is all about playing games.

  4. The Hitting Zone is a great program. They play about every weekend and participate in the Perfect Games tournament in Atlanta. The number 1 high school age tournament in the country. I can not remember who runs it but my nephew played there last season and enjoyed it.

  5. Proehlific Park is going to be adding cages back to the facility. In addition, there were 3-4 players who have signed to play ball at the next level that were on the 17U POWER team. Proehlific’s facilities are second to none. Where else can you go and workout on a field under the lights at any point? The largest field is big en0ough to hold a full defensive practice and you can even do backside hitting drills. The 17U Showcase team had access to the turf any time they were looking for it last year as well.

    The bottom line is the guys who run the POWER Baseball Program KNOW baseball. Because of this, they can use the facility to its full advantage to make their players better.

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