Update on Caldwell Academy Girls Basketball Team

The Caldwell Academy Girls Varsity Basketball program has had quite a turn-around and they have seen success this year. With new coaching this team has gone on to win the TAC girls varsity conference and will play in the conference tournament TODAY and hopefully they can make their way into the conference Championship on Friday, February 15th.

They are very proud of the turn-around this program has seen under the coaching of Ren Stewart & Trey Houser, both Greensboro Lady Gater Coaches and the other assistant Andy Symmes. To go undefeated for the conference and be playing in the TAC tournament is much more than was expected from these coaches in their first year.


  1. It has been an amazing run for the Caldwell Girls Varsity Basketball Team. Thanks for your praise and update. We play for the TAC Championship today at 4:30 Burlington Christian. So proud of our girls and our awesome coaches!

  2. Tourney champs! This town better beware…good, young players on this team who will be taking names for the next 3 years!

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