The team says ‘try us’ and hey, we’ll show some bias:How ’bout that St. Pius? (Girls go [33-0] for the season) CONGRATS!

The St.Pius X Varsity Girls basketball team finished the season 33-0. In addition to beating SE Guilford, Wesleyan (twice) and Greensboro Day School (twice), the team won the local catholic school tournament, PECSAA last weekend. This weekend the team won 5 games in the Shamrock tournament in Charlotte, including two natil biters against St. Joseph of Atlanta and St. Mary Magdlene of Apex. Kristin Shelton coaches the team of 11 7th graders and 2 eighth graders.


  1. One more note on the St. Pius girls…..

    They faced tough games in the semifinal vs st Joseph of Atlanta. They came back from a 10 point deficit to win 40 -35. They beat st Mary Magdalene of apex in a nail biter 33-30. There only two eighth graders on the team so they have high hopes for next year.

  2. SE Guilford, Wesleyan (twice) and Greensboro Day School (twice)? That must be one stacked team with DI talent.

    How come we don’t hear more about them?

  3. We had a previous post on them when they were say 24-0 or maybe 25-0, but with the UNDEFEATED season in the books, I guess the lid has really come off on this team from St. Pius X now….

    I think some of the current Bishop McGuinness girls played at St. Pius….

  4. This team deserves every bit of recognition they get. Great girls, great team. Earned every bit of their success. Congrats.

  5. Saw them play…there’s no way they were losing a game this year. Would have beat any team in this area. So talented. So disciplined and played with a lot of pride. Enjoyed watching them. Way to go girls.

  6. It would have been great to see this team play Northern Middle girls team. The Northern team was loaded with good 8th grades. Both the Northern team and St. Pius teams were loaded with AAU quality players. The St. Pius coach is also a great coach which can really make a significant difference in middle school.

  7. Saw st pius twice this year. Saw northern twice. St pius would win pretty easily in my opinion. They don’t have any superstars at st pius. But they are extremely well coached, play a tight zone and have 5 aau players. Not aau superstars. But solid girls that are very coachable. Most MS girls teams have a couple aau players. St pius has at least 5. Plus there all 7th graders…. They could run the table again next year. Wouldn’t that be something?

  8. Those Pius girls got a lot of game. They have 7 AAU players and I think they are all super stars. Those girls sure do practice a lot and I think they would blow the northern team out. They all have worked very hard and are very well coached. Go Pius!

  9. Great group of players, coaches, and parents! 33 wins equals talent and hard work from all! I see future D1 potential from several girls…I also see a repeat in 2014!!

  10. We’ve got the Shout Outs coming your way, but we need to know the St. Pius team nickname so we can make it a FULL Shout Out!!!!

  11. The Catholic schools start playing basketball in 5th grade. Its a big thing in the league. Families spend a good part of their winter Saturdays watching the 4 teams (JV girls and boys, Varsity girls and boys), as well as the cheerleaders. I think the atmosphere creates a desire in a lot of the little kids, the parents support it, and the coaches get pretty good players later on. Over the years the catholic school teams have done pretty well, especially considering that there are only about 100 kids in 7-8 grade.

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