Coach Derrick Partee, JT Williams, Cam Woods and Coach Waddell from Smith High School after Metro 4-A OT win Thursday night

Overtime win by the Smith Golden Eagles last night, as they fought back to top Page and now Smith will face Dudley in the boys Finals tonight, at Dudley…

We caught up Golden Eagle head coach Derrick Partee, along with two of his key players in JT Williams and Cameron Woods…

We also hear from Ben L. Smith assistant Clarence Waddell and you can hear and see them all, when you Click On below, for the victorious Smith Golden Eagles….

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  1. Well its time for the SPANK DOWN TONIGHT!

    First up: Page Girls 6 pm: NOT IN OUR HOUSE and tell you all announcer that there will be no silly RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in our house: ITS PANTHER TIME! ITS PANTHER TIME! ITS PANTHER TIME!

    Smith lilboys, no mercy for you too! You all know what time it is too?

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