Friday Night Scores

Metro 4A Girls Championship
Page – 49
Dudley – 44

Southwest Randolph – 44
Ledford – 59
Game Report


Metro 4A Boys Championship
Smith – 44
Dudley – 54

#1 Wesleyan – 59
#2 High Point Christian – 52
Game Report


  1. I guess dudley girls couldnt backup all the talk huh from the interview huh? RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  2. Final. NW Guilford wins Piedmont Triad 4A Conf Tournament 52-49 with a 3 at the buzzer vs Southwest Guilford.

  3. if i was to take a guess I would go gds High Point christian in the state championship and gds wins by a couple of points like 48-40. GO BENGALS!

  4. Not all dudley girls in that interview,put down other players…..look for yourself

  5. First off congratulation to Page for all well played game …that being said why would dudley stop going inside on page .That was the best game they had going and they stopped doing it.They got caught up trying to out shoot page from the outside.This is the same old thing I see all the time …the dudley players need to look in the mirror and ask themselves am I doing all I can do to help the team win……and the coach must demand it…..

  6. Dudley has no bench. If you have no backup guards then what can the coach do? Sub and lose by 20? Then everyone will ask why he took them out. The players do have to look in the mirror because it looks five by individuals on the court. It starts with the PG play.

  7. What a great year the team has ended up having with the emergence of the freshman players. No one could have guessed that they would have the impact they have. The future is very bright for the lady Vikings!!!!!

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