NCHSAA Basketball Sectional Playoffs begin TONIGHT(Boys and Girls)

*****Most of these games with the Doubleheaders involved, will have the girs starting at 6pm and the boys at 7:30….One game sessions will start at 7pm in most cases and in a few instances the games will go at 7:30pm….Most at 6 with the DH’s and 7 for the solos…*****(Doubleheaders at NWG, SWG, Northern, Dudley and PAGE.)

Girls 4-A:
Southern Alamance at Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford
WS Reynolds at Dudley
Rocky River at Page

Girls 3-A:
Rockingham County at Northern Guilford
Eastern Guilford at Southern Vance
Southern Guilford at Westover

Girls 2-A:
Wheatmore at High Point Andrews

Boys 4-A:
Smith at Page
Grimsley at Southwest Guilford
Ragsdale at Dudley
WS Reagan at Northwest Guilford

Boys 3-A:
Eastern Guilford at Chapel Hill
Southern Guilford at Southern Lee
Cardinal Gibbons at Northern Guilford
North Iredell at Northeast Guilford

Boys 2-A:
High Point Andrews at Cuthbertson


  1. I think its ridiculous how they seed the playoffs. Our Lady Patriots finished 3rd in arguably the best conference in the state and have to travel to play againt NWG? That makes no sense to me. Not to disrespect the young ladies at NWG but we all know that they nor SWG could even make the playoffs in the Metro 4-A Conference and theyre a #2 seed and Conf.Tourney Champs in thier conference. To take it a step further they couldnt even finish in the 6th place in the Metro 4-A with Page, Dudley, S Alamance, SE Guilford, Smith and Western. SWG could barely beat a Western team (only won 2 conf games) at home in thier own Christmas tourney. Its ridiculous that teams like S Alamance and SE Guilford have to travel to play NWG and SWG when they clearly are the better teams. In my opinion they should take the best teams and not just the best teams from terrible conferences. This is just my opinion but the Metro 4-A should have 6 teams and the Piedmont Triad should only have 2. But thats only if we really want to be honest and tell it like it is. In any event good luck to all of the young ladies playing tonight, especially to the Patriots!!

  2. Seriously? I hate how everyone always complains about seeding. Every team holds their fate in their own hands at the beginning of the year. The more you win the better your seeding. Just how it works. You were in a tough conference, oh well, it happens… Good thing is, you get a chance to prove yourself in the playoffs. As far as finishing 6th, let’s be serious SWG beat Western 3 times this year with the third time being by 13 points. Beating a team 3 times is tough and I don’t consider a 13 point win a squeaker. I’m looking forward to following SEG on the road. I hope the ladies can get it done. Whether it’s at home or away, you still have to win the game!

  3. The thing I don’t like about the STATE playoffs is that you see teams from the same conference playing against each other in the first or second rounds. There enough teams with similar records as to where the schools from the same conference don’t see each other until down the road. To me the pod system is taking the fun of PLAYOFF BASKETBALL. Football done away with it.

  4. If your team is good enough to beat NW, accept the road game and go take care of business. It’s just a couple minutes further than Western.

    Your coach and players don’t want to admit it, but Western gave SA a tough game in the conference playoffs playing 2 freshman for most of the game. SA is good, but they are on par with SW and NW and just don’t deserve a home playoff game.

    NW is a young team but they have 5-7 AAU caliber players. I wouldn’t go into that game with a chip on your shoulder about the bus ride. NW is going to give you a run for the money.

  5. Well, based on the final score of SA 40 – NW 37, with NW barely missing a 3 at the buzzer, I’d say the seedlings were pretty close. In any event, good luck to SA Wednesday night in Charlotte.

  6. Read the box score of the last game.

    SA got pushed hard for 3 quarters by 2 freshman. Yep SA, pulled out the win and was the better team 3 times.

    But your mid level Metro at best.

  7. Would have to agree with SA-Fan, NW would not have made the playoffs in metro.I sure SA enjoyed the bus ride home!

  8. Northwest Guilford girls basketball team are exactly what we thought they were. Making playoffs in a very sorry conference and then exiting early. See yah! and good luck playing for the Lady Gators.

  9. NW Guilford is a good team and a quality opponent deserving to be in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter who you play or where you play….just play. We just have to take the path through the tournament that’s given and make the best of it, if you’re a good enough team you will prevail.Congrats to NW Guilford on a successful season.

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