Page-West Forsyth game on tonight

Air-time/Broadcast will begin right around 6:45pm from Page High School…

We will have the Page-West Forsyth girls basketball game for you LIVE here tonight on and at 97.7FM, inside the Mac Morris Gym….Game on tonight when you Click On the Basketball in Focus link, at the top of our home page….Click On Basketball in Focus and you can follow/listen to the game tonight….

Also Page-West Forsyth on the radio inside the Mac Morris Gym and around the Page campus….Very conveinent for those who like to listen to game at the site, or listen to the pre-game breakdown and the post-game interviews…..

We also will have updates here at the site tonight, on the other games in our area….If you have a game going on and you are there, E-mail the score to…Don Moore will get that score and get it up on the site and we will get it on the broadcast too….Also you can just drop the score into the comment box or boxes here at the site….

Tonight, listen in for the Page Pirates and the West Forsyth Titans, here at….Just Click On the ‘Basketball in Focus’ link at the top of this page/home page of….
*****Broadcast will begin right at 6:45pm…..Game tip-off is set for 7pm….*****


  1. Tip for Page-West Forsyth is at 7pm…Almost all of our games involving our local teams will get going at 7pm tonight since we do not have any doubleheaders….

    Air time on the web for Page-West Forsyth will right at 6:45pm….

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