NCHSAA Press Conference:Dennis White with Page Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach Centera Harris’s Dennis White with Page Pirates’ assistant women’s basketball coach Centera Harris, at Monday morning’s NCHSAA West Regionals Press Conference….

Click On below to check out Dennis and Coach Harris….

Page vs. Southeast Guilford at the coliseum this Friday night….


  1. Why oh why does Coach Jones not do interviews? It just seems strange. This is the second time you all have had to interview the assistant.

  2. Things have gone real well when Page goes the assistant coach route and with Coach Chuck Seegars and now Coach Harris the trend has been working….

    When you find something that works, let’s say a trend that works, you want to stick with it, all the way down to the smaller details….

    This trend and plan has been working, no need to change now…..

    We have had Coach Seegars 5-6 times by way of audio and video this season and now Coach Harris and we even had assistant coach Ron Hampton one game….

    This is they way Coach Jones wants to do and we respect that…..

    This is the way that Coach K at Duke has been doing it for the most part now for sevearal years….Wojo, Chris Collins and it used to be Johnny Dawkins handle almost all of the interviews for Coach K….

    For some, it just works better that way and more time to plan on and not worry about the interview details….

    Coach Allen Brown head football coach at Thomasville HS does no interviews with the media…..Assistant coach Dickie Cline does all the media inerviews there…..

    We again, respect the coaches’ decisions and want to work with them any way we can…..

    You look at what the PAGE girls and Coach Debbie Jones have doing and it sure has been working right so far…..

    Time to foucs on the games and to try and get wins for our Guilford County and area teams…

  3. Nice thoughts Andy. I agree with you and they’re spot on. As for me and I’m sure anyone around the triad that reads this website, I appreciate your voice on the Internet as well as the radio. Thanks sir.

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