WWE’s William Moody, aka Paul Bearer – RIP

Paul Bearer has passed away and this time it is not a WWE Stunt.

William Moody was 58. Details at TMZ and WWE


  1. Truly a sad day….

    William Moody was a very big name in that business(WWE) and he came from Mississippi and he was a real-life mortician/undertaker…

    Was also well-known in World Class Championship Wrestling/Texas Wrestling from the Sportatorium etc. with Rick Rude, ‘Cactus Jack’ Manson, the Von Erichs and others and in WCCW he was known as Percival Pringle….Percival Pringle was a ‘big name’ a good while before William Moody arrived on the scene as Paul Bearer and HE sure looked and seemed older than 58 within his character from over the years….

  2. Not sure about this past Monday night, but there are talks now to get him into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame inductions set for Wrestlemania weekend…

    At one time his weight had gone up to 525 pounds….He did some recent ROH interviews and one of those was with Jim Cornette…

    One of the best managers ever and if for nothing else, his voice, his look and his body language….

  3. I remember on “Shock Theatre” there was also a character that went by the name Dr. Paul Bear.

  4. One of the few managers that truly added interest to the programming.

    RIP (que the Undertaker “dong”).

  5. The ‘Paul Bearer’ from the old Shock Theaterd was Dick Bennick who also hosted the ‘Dialing for Dollars’ movie each morning on WGHP TV 8….

    Bennick also spent some time on radio at WTOB in Winston-Salem and at WCOG in Greensboro….

    I might have some more info on him, if so, I will bring it up…..

    Paul Bearer from WWE, aka Willaim Moody, was really something too in his days in WCCW in Texas….Percy Pringle III was quite some character……

  6. A partial list of some very good managers from over the years…

    Paul Bearer-Undertaker, Kane
    Paul Heyman/Dangerously-Brock Lesnar and many others….
    Paul Ellering-Road Warriors
    Jim Cornette-Midnight Express
    Homer O’Dell-Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson
    Gary Hart-The Great Kabuki and many others
    Baby Doll-Tully Blachard
    DDP started out as a manager working with Vinny Vegas(Kevin Nash) and the Dimond Studd(Scott Hall)
    Sir Oliver Humperdink was an interesting manager with his House of Humperdink and his persona as ‘Big Daddy Dink’….

    *****A key manager/consultant today that I find very interesting in his work on TV, Truth Martini from the HOT(House of Truth)*****

    Short list and there have been many others out there over the years….

  7. Skandor Akbar from World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas was pretty good too as a manager….

  8. Here are a few more of the managers that I just dug up, as I get ready to peel out….

    ‘The Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart
    Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan
    ‘Captain’ Lou Albano

  9. James J. Dillon – Four Horsemen
    Paul Jones – Faces of Fear
    Kevin Sullivan – Varsity Club
    Sunny – Body Donnas & Smokin Gunns
    Sherri Martel – Harlem Heat & others

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