ACC Men’s Basketball from last night as GA Tech takes down #1 Miami(Are the Hurricanes really #1 material?)

We should be looking at 1)Duke, 2)North Carolina, 3)N.C. State, 4)Miami, 5)Virginia right now and here is the look at last night…

from Wednesday night:
Georgia Tech 71, Miami 69
North Carolina 79, Maryland 68
NC State 81, Wake Forest 66

Thursday, March 7
Virginia @ Florida State
Tallahassee, Fla.
9:00 PM
TV: ESPN2/WatchESPN (SIRIUS 93 :: XM 191)

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  1. Hey it is time to jump in here quickly and answer my own question….


    Miami is not #1 material…..

    Right now with Ryan Kelly back, DUKE is #1….

    North Carolina #2
    NC State #3
    Miami #4
    Virginia #5….At least that is it based on the way the men’s teams are playing right now…

  2. My gut feeling tells me that the North Carolina Tar Heels are now the top team in the ACC.

    Come and get us!!!!!

    We’re #1

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